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Is Everyone Right? Is NOW the Right Time for YOU to Buy a Will County or Chicagoland Home?

Is Everyone Right?  
Is NOW the Right Time for YOU To Buy 
a Will County or Chicagoland Home?

     If you're a potential Will County or Chicagoland home buyer, it's easy to find a boatload of articles and informational videos heralding just why "NOW is the time to buy".        

     But if you're a first-time buyer or someone returning to the housing market after a few years of renting ... how do you know if that is really true?  Is NOW truly the right time for you?  

     Are you wondering if definitive clues and signs exist?  And if they do, just what are they?  Will you need a set amount of dollars saved?  What about credit and credit scores?  And ... is there some easy test to take to discover all this? 

     I wish I could say that a full-proof test exists.  To be fair, some "tests" do exist that help measure your readiness and capabilities as a potential home buyer.  They're fun and beneficial to some degree.  But you probably won't arrive at any clear or reliable conclusion ... or base your decision to buy or not buy upon them. 

     No, you'll most likely begin to consider home ownership or a decision to "buy or not buy a home" based upon a unique blend of two things.  Your emotions and your finances.  

     Asking yourself these fundamental and important questions will help you arrive at a decision:
  •  Is homeownership the lifestyle I crave?  
  •  Do I want the responsibilities that come with becoming a homeowner?  Or do I like being able to call a Landlord to "fix" property issues? 
  •  Do I look forward to the longer-term commitments I will be called upon to make when a homeowner?
  •  Can I form a budget that would sustain my home purchase?
  •  Am I ready to be a member of a specific community?
     Consider these questions as well:
  •  Am I going to "stay put" for a reasonable amount of time?
  •  What are the tax implementations for me as a homeowner VS a renter?
  •  Will I have a reliable and resilient source of income that will cover not only monthly mortgage payments, but home upkeep as well?
  •  What other short or long-term monetary demands do I have that might speed, delay, or conflict with my decision?
     If you've considered and answered the questions above and you've decided that home ownership is not for you ... (or at least at this time), there's nothing wrong with that.  The exercise of self-examination proved beneficial in discovering that.  Use what you discovered to your best advantage moving forward.

     But if after quizzing yourself, you discovered that home
ownership is right for you ... then what?  What comes next?  

     Find your Mortgage Lender.  An experienced Mortgage Lender will help you successfully and fully-prepare for buying and financing a home.  (To help you in your search for a Mortgage Lender, read, "How to Choose Your Will County and Chicagoland "Super" Mortgage Lender".

     Below, you'll find 2 reference tools that I provide all my clients hoping to buy and finance a home.  I think you'll find them beneficial too:
     Both provide a compass for you to follow throughout your home buying and mortgage financing process.  From your exciting and important initial decision to buy ... to successful Mortgage Closing. 
     Is Everyone Right? Is NOW the Right Time for YOU To Buy a Will County or Chicagoland Home?  If you've made the decision ... if you've made the mental commitment to becoming a home owner ... NOW is the time for action.  NOW is the time to start.  Take the first step by contacting me.

          *  Thinking of becoming a Will County or Chicagoland Home Buyer?  Contact Me!  I'll put my 36 years of mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf. 
     I can be easily found at:
Direct:  815.524.2280
Cell/Text:  708.921.6331
eFax:  815.524.2281
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