How Are Your Clients Feeling Today?

How Are Your Clients Feeling Today?

     Last week, I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times entitled, "In a Mood?  Call Center Agents Can Tell".  It was quite an interesting article and I hope you have time to "click" on the link to the article above and read it.

     But what I took away from this article was that software, in
its' infancy, is presently being developed that evaluates and reveals the true emotion of customers or callers during their conversations.  The software performs what is called "emotional analytics".  

     The analysis offered by the software detects if the words being used by a caller/customer match-up with their real feelings and emotions ... or if they are contrary to them. In other words, if the words they are speaking are portraying their true intent and desires.  And in what capacity or levels they might react to your responses to them at that time.

     My reaction when reading this article?  Simply ... wow!

     While I have some reservations surrounding the privacy issues raised through the implementation of this sort of software (also talked about within the article) ... and how that might be resolved, my imagination was "off to the races" when considering how this might be put to use.  Imagine how it could prove beneficial to Agents and Mortgage Lenders when working with clients, potential clients, and even Referral Partners.  
     Imagine if we as professionals could detect and analyze the actual true emotions of those we were speaking to.  Imagine if we could detect and analyze their true intent and desires.  

     Imagine if we could reliably detect and analyze basic personality types.  How that insight could prove beneficial in providing service and advice ... or even showing properties clients would be predisposed to.
     But even more mind-blowing could be the usefulness of this software tool within our own businesses and how we present ourselves in public, to clients, or those we work with.  Think how we could make improvements in our public speaking, our client presentations, responses, and voice communications ... all based on fact and data. 

     Now I'm thinking if emotions and personality can be analyzed accurately and convincingly, that the analytics will lead to changes being made within those very elements of our businesses.  That analytics will show us how to tweak our style of speaking.  Moderate our voice.  Change our choice of adjectives and buzzwords within our speech.  And more ...

     I can see both pro and con to this new software.  It could be used to good advantage or bad.  The negative aspects makes me wonder if this software becomes fairly widespread in its application and use, will we ever be able to judge the true level of sincerity or capabilities of any person we are dealing with?  Will we then have to further analyze whether we are hearing or seeing what is their basic behavior and who they truly are?  Or if it is a learned and controlled behavior?

    What do you think?  

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