Mortgage Facts: What Time is It?

Mortgage Facts:  What Time is It?

     The other day, I wrote a post regarding the upcoming Mortgage changes going in to effect January 10th, 2014.  Many of the comments I received in response to the post reflected just how quickly and often changes are (in perception and in fact) occurring within the mortgage and real estate industry.  

     These responses were definitely spot on too.  Just think about the last few weeks and what has occurred in the news and in financing in particular.  How that has played on Interest Rates, Wall Street, gas prices, the availability of mortgage programs, and mortgages themselves.  A writer or blogger could literally have written an informative post and had the info contained within it totally wrong or invalid minutes later.

     Once written, a post or article containing information is "out there" in cyberspace forever.  Knowing that, more and more often I am beginning to qualify when my Mortgage posts are written.  I am also including disclaimers such as, "as of this writing" within many of my posts.

     Obviously I'm factual within my posts, but the info contained within them represent the facts (and my opinion based on those facts) as I know them at the time of my writing the postIf events occur to change specifics after my post's writing ... with the inclusion of some time frame within the post, there's something for readers to reference to in that regards.  Hopefully that proves helpful.

     So often within my work as a Mortgage Lender, I encounter a client that refers to "having seen" information on the internet.  Many times they are correct.  The info WAS correct at some point in the past, but it is no longer valid or applies at the time we are speaking.  

    By including and qualifying the date/timing of the writing of my posts, I'm acknowledging the speed in which our industry is changing.  (I'm also protecting the perception a client has of my level of knowledge and expertise.) But most importantly, I'm also providing myself a reference point from which to start when educating my client regarding that Mortgage scenario.  

     Mortgage Facts:  What Time is It?  With so many changes happening so quickly and frequently within our Mortgage industry, the importance of WHEN information is offered or WHEN an article/post is written is rapidly increasing.  Whether reading or writing an article/post with facts and direction within it, it makes sense to make note of that ...

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