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2015 - 4th of July Fireworks in Will County, IL

2015 - 4th of July Fireworks in Will County, IL

     The skies will be lit-up all across Will County during the upcoming 4th of July weekend ...

     Firework displays ... along with parades, entertainment, and festivals ... will be offered in many Will County communities.  Residents and visitors to our area will find a multitude and array of celebrations to enjoy.

     Spectacular firework displays (and more) can be found in the communities below:

Aurora July 3, 2015 River Edge Park 360 N. Broadway Street, Aurora Start:  9:30 pm
Beecher July 4, 2015 Firemen's Park 673 Penfield Street, Beecher Start:  9:30 pm FREE Admission
Bolingbrook July 4, 2015 Bolingbrook Golf Club 2001 Rodeo Drive, Bolingbrook Start:  Dusk FREE Admission  
Braidwood July 19th, 2015 Braidwood City Park 227 W. 3rd Street, Braidwood Start:  Dusk Provided as part of Braidwood Summerfest Fireworks are FREE
Channahon July 4, 2015 Community Park McClintock Road - East of I-55, Channahon Start:  9:15 pm
Frankfort July 4, 2015 Main Park 400 W. Nebraska…

If YOU are a Renter, but Don't Want to Be ...

If YOU are a Renter,  but Don't Want to Be ... 

Day after day, messages via social media and news media constantly show-up regarding the Rent VS Buy debate ...

An article I ran across in Forbes is a prime example.  It offered some rather startling facts regarding the cost of renting (6/2015).

     The headline read ... "A Record Number of Americans are Spending More than 30% of Their Income on Rent".
Here are 2 statistics from that article that caught my eye: 1.  One in five renting households making $45,000-$75,000 a year are spending more than 30% of their income on rent. 
and ... 

2.  Meanwhile, it’s good to be a homeowner. The number of households paying more than 30% of their income on housing has declined for three straight years to 39.6 million, or just a quarter of homeowners.
Add the following info and stat from the "How America Views Homeownership" survey into the debate: 
People who currently rent show a desire to buy homes, with only one in 10 saying they pr…

2015 Will County, IL Farmers Markets

2015 Will County, IL Farmers Markets
I married a farm girl.  And you might take the girl off the farm ... but you don't take the farm out of the girl!   

     Many people share my wife's love of gardening ... and the "fruits" of a farmers and gardener's labors.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, seasonings, flowers, jams, jellies, more!  

     When purchased at a local Farmers Market, all are a great way of feeding yourself and your family fresh healthy foods, saving money, supporting local farmers, and keeping your expenditures local.

     In Will County where I live, many of the towns host Farmers Markets during the growing seasons each year.  So, I did a little bit of research and gathered info and directions to some of our County's best markets.  I've listed them below for your enjoyment and convenience.  

I hope you have an opportunity to visit many of our local Will County Farmers Markets over the next few months ...  

2015 Farmers Markets  in Will County, IL