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The Budget Showdown: What is Known & the Possible Outcome

The Budget Showdown:   What is Currently Known & the Possible Outcome
     At a time when real estate markets could use more
certainty, we are now facing potential shutdowns on FHA-insured mortgage transactions courtesy of the current discussions being held in Washington, D.C. 

     At this writing, we can only hope that business can continue as normal (or as close to normal as possible) pending the results of the congressional budget negotiations.  It is now being reported that FHA can operate for a short period of time (even in the event that there is a government shutdown).  

     How this all effects real estate deals already in process will hopefully be known very quickly.  Until this knowledge is available however, I felt it important for my current clients and Referral Partners to understand that FHA AND VA loans can be affected if the budget is not passed.  

     Those of us that were in business in 1995, remember that FHA loans were simply unattainable during that government …

Saying Yes to that New Store Credit Card: Can it Derail Your Dreams of Buying a Home?

Saying Yes to that New Store Credit Card:  
Can it Derail Your Dreams of Buying a Home?  

My wife and mom went shopping together one day this last week.  Both have already started thinking about Christmas shopping.  Seems they're not alone.  

If you've watched much TV over the past couple of weeks, you've probably caught a commercial or two already heralding the approaching holiday retail shopping season.  Holiday decorations to put you in a holiday shopping mood have popped up in stores too. 

Yep ... the "push" for your holiday shopping dollars has officially begun.   And boy, do I mean ... push ...

Both my mom and wife related that they received multiple invitations to open up new credit cards and "save" on their purchases at store registers.  One clerk in particular, had been relentless.  

This clerk had gone as far as suggesting to my mom that she open up a second card at the store, in addition to the one she already has, to get her "savings". …

Will Your Chicagoland Mortgage Co-Signor Deliver Magic?

Will Your Chicagoland Mortgage
Co-Signor Deliver Magic?
     More and more often, the topic of co-signing on a Mortgage is being brought up both during my initial inquiries and Pre-Qualification conversations.  I'm presented with questions regarding Mortgage co-signing from both hopeful recipients of the co-signing and those actually considering becoming a co-signor. 

     I find that there is often confusion surrounding this topic.  (Some simply have co-signing confused with co-borrowing.    Two different things.)  And many times, recipient and co-signor alike are unsure of the true benefits and responsibilities attached to the act of co-signing(For a prior post on the topic of parents considering co-signing, click HERE.)

     Co-signing is being considered in a growing number of scenarios.  The situations I see as a Mortgage Lender most often surround hopeful Home Buyers with low *Credit Scores. Credit Scores so very low that the hopeful Buyers are unable to be approved for fin…

What My Chicagoland Blog and Social Media Reveal

What My Chicagoland Blog and Social Media Reveal
     When you read blogs written by Real Estate or Mortgage industry professionals, you often run into a post that talks about how many of their leads were generated by their blogs and then ultimately turned into actual clients.  They're helping to spread the word to others about the effectiveness of blogging. 

      I've personally found with my Mortgage clients, that it's often not hard to draw a direct line between one specific post and their initial contact.  They're typically eager to relate how something they read on my post motivated them to action.

    But I've also found that an even larger number of my clients were motivated to find me after conducting a series of searches regarding my services.  They investigated me using a variety of methods.  Yes, that investigation often included included my blog.  And it often included talking to Referral Partners or former clients.  But their investigation included my o…