Saying Yes to that New Store Credit Card: Can it Derail Your Dreams of Buying a Home?

Saying Yes to that New Store Credit Card:  
Can it Derail Your Dreams of Buying a Home?  

     My wife and mom went shopping together one day this last week.  Both have already started thinking about Christmas shopping.  Seems they're not alone ...  

     If you've watched much TV over the past week or so, you've probably caught a commercial or two already heralding the approaching holiday retail shopping season.  Holiday decorations to put you in a holiday shopping mood have popped up in stores too. 

     Yep ... the "push" for your holiday shopping dollars has officially begun.   And boy, do I mean ... push ...

     Both my mom and wife related that they received multiple invitations to open up new credit cards and "save" on their purchases at store registers.  One clerk in particular, had been relentless.  

     This clerk had gone as far as suggesting to my mom that she open up a second card at the store, in addition to the one she already has, to get her "savings".  My wife was a bit alarmed at how dogged this clerk's pursuit of my mom (a senior) was. 

     I've written on the topic of opening up new credit around the holidays before.  But the advice and message contained within that older post, as well as this one, is sound and valuable at any point in the year ... especially if you're presently in the process of buying a home or refinancing ... or hoping to buy a home or refinance at some point in the future

     When facing this scenario at a register, you must stop and examine it.  Simply ask yourself ...  

     Is the new account or credit card actually as big a savings to you as the clerk says? 

     To answer, you must consider this:  

  • What other credit obligations or credit cards do you have?  
  • Do you know the total amount of your debt?  
  • How would opening the new account effect your Credit Scores? 
  • Will you pay off the new account's balance in full every month or carrying a balance?  
  • Do you know what the terms of your new account will be?  
  • More ...

     It's a bit more complicated than presented at that register, isn't it?  That seemingly minor credit card?  It might end up costing you big time.  Not only in dollars.  But also in your Credit Score and your ability to obtain financing now or in the future.

     So stop and think prior to saying "yes" at that register.  What are your true priorities?  

     What ultimately means more to you?  Saving a minor amount on a retail purchase you're making today ... or being financially and credit capable of buying the home you want now or in the future? 

     Saying Yes to that New Store Credit Card: Can it Derail Your Dreams of Buying a Home?  While you're standing at that register, you must decide ...

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