Thanks for the Great Chicago Blackhawks Scrimmage!

Thanks for the Great 
Chicago Blackhawks Scrimmage!

     Anyone that knows me very well at all, knows that I'm a full-blown sports addict.  Golf, baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis ... heck, even Bull Riding.  If they call it a sport, I'm probably a fan, participating, or watching it.  Especially if it's a Chicago team.

     My poor wife, let's just say she's aware of my "addiction".  But after 36+ years of marriage, I think I've brain-washed her into thinking she likes sports as much as I do.  She "enables" me, to say the least.  (Either that or she's just given up trying to cure me.)

     A couple of months ago, Marilyn found a news article saying that our 2013 Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks hockey team was hosting a scrimmage for their fans in September.  Very inexpensive tickets were available to the public.  We decided to grab some up immediately.

     This last Monday I had the pleasure of hosting an outing to that Blackhawk scrimmage for friends, referral partners, clients, and a few family members too with those tickets we found.  Even hired a limo to transport a group back and forth to the United Center in Chicago.  Work doesn't have to be all about business. 

     Below is a picture taken of just some of our group in front of the United Center prior to the scrimmage ... that's me in the red Hawks shirt and Hawks cap.  (And Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita in the statues behind us!)

     I send out a big "thank you" to all that did me the honor of attending that evening.  I had a great night and enjoyed your company and the scrimmage immensely.  Hope you did too.  I thought the Blackhawks hosted an unbelievably classy event. 

    Let's go Hawks!!  

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