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Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender - "Mortgage, Real Estate, & Credit News", September 26, 2014

The feedback and conversations I've been having as a result of my weekly emails have been great.  It's been rewarding to hear that so many find the information provided interesting and beneficial.
Below you'll find this week's news and info.  Keep your questions and suggestions for future email blasts coming!  I love hearing from you and your input is greatly appreciated!

How to Prep Your Lawn for Winter  ... 

The end of summer signals the best time to lay the groundwork for a lush field of grass come spring.  (MORE ...)
I Received a New Property Assessment.What Do I Do?
As a Chicago-area Mortgage Lender, I've always been asked a lot of questions regarding Taxes and Property Assessments.  Property Taxes, and subsequently monthly tax escrow contributions, play a very important role in loan approvals/denials. 
But throughout the recent housing downturn, the topic of property taxes and assessments has cropped-up more often and has become far more important…

Once Again ... I'm Looking for a Few Good Questions

Once Again ...  I'm Looking for a Few Good Questions

     A little over a year ago, I posted an article on my Mortgage Blog entitled, "I'm Looking for a Few Good ... Questions"?  In a nutshell, this post asked readers to submit questions and introduce topics of interest they'd like to see covered in my future Mortgage posts.

     Since its writing, analytics have shown me that this post has become my most read, most commented on, and most responded to post.  Many saw my post and the offer it contained, as a golden opportunity ... and they ran with it!  Well over a year later, I'm still getting questions resulting from this post.

     I'm thinking it's time to re-introduce this idea and ask for the public's (and my Referral Partner's) input once again.  Changes that have taken place within real estate and the Mortgage Industry certainly demand it.

     Mortgage rules, regulations, programs, and the housing market itself are constantly evolving.  All…

Selling a Condo or Home Within a HOA? Make This Info and Documentation Available Now

Selling a Condo or Home Within a HOA?   Make This Info and Documentation Available Now

     If you're a prospective Home Buyer and considering the purchase of a Condominium ... or a home located in and governed by a Homeowner's Association (HOA), there is important information you need to know regarding prior to signing a contract.  

(For further info, read 2 of my previous posts on Condo/HOA buying: "To Condo or Not to Condo". That Should Be the Question ..."  and ... "How to Determine if You're Viewing a Condominium or Townhome".) 

     Some of the details a new Home Buyer should know regarding Homeowner's Associations are:
Rules governing the Homeowner's Association (HOA)Restrictions attached to the ownership and use of the property Assessments, Fees, Dues ** Are any of these Assessments past due?  And if so, what percentage?
Budget of the HOA"Health" of the HOA Status of Reserve FundsPercentage of Owners versus Renters

     If yo…

Getting Married and Buying a Home: Building The Perfect Marriage

Getting Married and Buying a Home:   Building The Perfect Marriage

     I've always enjoyed working with my First-Time Home Buyers.  Their enthusiasm is infectious ... 
I suppose I see a bit of myself going through the same excitements and challenges at the time of my first home purchase. Remembering that I probably felt much the same as they do now.  What comes as second nature to me as a Mortgage Originator now, sure didn't seem to at that point in my life. I was very excited .. and terribly nervous too.  In recent months, I've had several couples that are pairing the excitement of becoming First-Time Home Buyers with the demands of planning a Wedding.  (For additional info, view my post, "Are you a Recent Will County - Chicagoland Bride?  How to Change your Last Name Once the Wedding is Over".)  

The newly-engaged couples have been at different stages of this momentous step though.  Some were buying prior to their wedding.  Some were going to be Closing on their…