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I've been assisting home buyers for well over 37 years now.
Having started my career in a savings and loan, I've learned the mortgage business from the bottom up ... and inside out.  That pays-off for my borrowers, and it pays-off for my referral partners (such as yourself) too. 

Mortgages, appraising, accounting.  I've done it all.  And that allows me a broader base of knowledge, deeper insight, and larger capacity for solving problems, if and when they occur.

Facilitating business.  THAT is what it's all about, right?  Providing solutions.  Satisfying needs.  Promoting business.  THAT is why I send you this newsletter.

We're all in this together.  The more successful your client is, the more successful you are, the more business is successfully closed, and so on. 

To that end, I share.  Share articles I find of interest ... and articles I've written and prepared from my own experiences and knowledge.  All to help you find, facilitate, and transact business.

Within this newsletter, you'll find the info and articles I thought of particular interest and benefit to your clients and business for this week.  As always, your suggestions for future topics and articles are always appreciated.  Feel free to contact me with your ideas!

Homemade Cinnamon Mocha 
Coffee Recipe ...

Fall is here!  At least the temperatures we've had as of late would make you think so.  Read/print the recipe below for a tasty, warm Fall coffee treat.  Prepare ... then enjoy my newsletter! 
Click  HERE  to get this great recipe!
Here's a great new "tool" for agents to have in their toolbelt.  This info/article is graciously provided by my fellow ActiveRain member, Dick Greenberg, Broker/Owner of New Paradigm Partners LLC of Fort Collins, CO.  Thank you, Dick!

How Much Did That Cat Really Pee in the House?

Last week, Mary was previewing a home for some out-of-town buyers. Her report to them included the fact that there was a strong cat urine smell in the home. Ordinarily, we'd expect that to be a deal killer, but our buyers are looking in a tough market segment with a lot of competition ...

How To: Attract First-Time Home Buyers ...

Marketing your listing to millennials? As 20-somethings slowly enter the market for the first time, they bring different priorities than did previous generations of home buyers.  (More ...)

5 Reasons to Check Tax PINs Prior  to the Signing of a Real Estate Contract ...

Seems like certain problems crop-up in bunches within my mortgage transactions.  Right now the issue that runs across my desk frustratingly often is incorrect PIN (tax) numbers on my Borrowers' real estate contracts.  There's just been a rash of them.

Now I know that a PIN number sounds like a little "boo-boo" easily corrected. No big deal.  But these days?  Nothing pertaining to a real estate contract or within the framework of the mortgage process is easily or quickly changed or corrected.  (More ...)

Please pass this newsletter and my name/contact info on to those you think would benefit from it.  It's appreciated ...


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