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Is Your Marketing a Cure for Insomnia?

Is Your Marketing a Cure for Insomnia?

     Ever find yourself in a conversation with someone and all they talk about is themselves?  I have.  All that "me, me, me"?  Well, I lose interest pretty quickly ...

Zzzzzzz ... sure cures insomnia!

     While reading and conducting my marketing and social media, I've noticed there seems to be a whole lot of that intense "me-ism" going on.  Facebook and Twitter are loaded with it.  Pinterest has it too.  There's pretty intense self-promotion going on ... pins, tweets, posts ... all with blatant sales pitches. 

     I'm a big fan of marketing and social media.  It's an unbelievably value tool when trying to gain attention and win new business for yourself.  I understand and respect that, just like me ... other companies are seeking results from social media efforts and marketing too. 

     But I think the method by which you deliver your marketing message on these sites can make or break you.  Deliver it heavy-h…

Are you a Recent Will County - Chicagoland Bride? How to Change your Last Name Once the Wedding is Over

Are you a Recent Will County - Chicagoland Bride?   How to Change your Last Name Once
the Wedding is Over

     Our office has been an exciting place lately.  Besides the usual excitement surrounding our mortgage transactions and services, we've been celebrating the marriage of one of our co-workers.  Nothing like having a new bride around! 

     But now that the wedding has taken place, our new Bride is finding that there are quite a few things effected by her change in marriage status ... and there's quite a bit of updating needed in regards to her new name change.

Note:  It's important that Brides know they need to have possession of their original or certified Marriage Certificate showing their new last name on it prior to attempting changes elsewhere.  If you didn't receive your Marriage Certificate, contact the County Clerk's office (where married) to get a certified copy.  (In Will County: County Clerk Office.  In Cook County:  County Clerk Office.)

In Will Count…

Opportunities & Ways to Help November 17th's Will County & IL Tornado Victims

Opportunities & Ways to Help November 17th's Will County & IL Tornado Victims
     The tornadoes that wreaked havoc across much of Illinois on Sunday, November 17th, left a trail of death and devastation behind them.  At the time of this writing, it is being reported that at least 6 people were killed and 54 more were injured. 

     Relief efforts to assist the families, homes, and businesses damaged or destroyed by the deadly storms have sprung up all across our State.  Many such efforts are also being organized locally within Will County. 

     The Red Cross has set-up a mobilized shelter operation in Coal City at the Coal City High School located at 655 W. Division Street.  Coal City, Diamond, and areas of Manhattan Township were the hardest hit amongst the areas located in the County. 

     For those wishing to help monetarily:  A Tornado disaster relief fund was set up by the Village of Diamond at:  Mazon State Bank.  If writing a check, make it out to:    Diamond & …

Downtown Joliet's Light Up the Holidays Parade & Festival, November 29th, 2013

Downtown Joliet's  Light Up the Holidays Parade & Festival November 29th, 2013

     Downtown Joliet will be kicking-off this year's Holiday Season with the annual Light Up the Holidays Parade & Festival on Friday, November 29th, 2013.  The festival fun starts at 10 a.m.

     Festival activities will be hosted at:
Renaissance Center Fun Fair Jitters CoffeehouseJoliet Public LibraryThe Red Goose BakeryChicken-n 'SpiceJoliet Historical MuseumGji's Sweet ShoppeMore
     Roaming musicians and carolers, ice carving displays, craft activities, and more will take place throughout the Light Up the Holidays Festival.  Other Festival hosts and participants creating holiday magic on November 29th will be:  Santa Cruz & First Lutheran Parish, the Forest Preserve District of Will County, Joliet Park District and more.   

A holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony begins at 5:15 p.m. in Van Buren Plaza.  The Light Up The Holidays Parade starts promptly at 5:30 p.m.  (Note to Festival-goe…

"What is the Number 1 thing I can do to help myself when considering my first home purchase?"

The Numero UNO for First-Time Homebuyers

     I'm often asked by First-Time Homebuyers ...

"What is the Number 1 thing I can do to help myself when considering my first home purchase?" 

My answer?  

     Educate yourself about every step of the Mortgage and home buying process ... thoroughly.

     As a Mortgage Lender, I've come to see my role as educator and "teacher" vastly grow in importance.  When I first started in the Mortgage business, I instructed clients.  Actual teaching opportunities were few and minimal.  That's not true anymore.  

     Education is now vitally important throughout the entire Home Buying transaction.  From the time you first discover your interest and desire to buy your home ... through your Mortgage processing and successful Home Closing ... and even beyond ... education remains key.  

     So how do you get "educated"?  Just where do you search for helpful reading materials, information, and informative videos to best …