Is Your Marketing a Cure for Insomnia?

Is Your Marketing a Cure for Insomnia?

     Ever find yourself in a conversation with someone and all they talk about is themselves?  I have.  All that "me, me, me"?  Well, I lose interest pretty quickly ...

     Zzzzzzz ... sure cures insomnia!

     While reading and conducting my marketing and social media, I've noticed there seems to be a whole lot of that intense "me-ism" going on.  Facebook and Twitter are loaded with it.  Pinterest has it too.  There's pretty intense self-promotion going on ... pins, tweets, posts ... all with blatant sales pitches. 

     I'm a big fan of marketing and social media.  It's an unbelievably value tool when trying to gain attention and win new business for yourself.  I understand and respect that, just like me ... other companies are seeking results from social media efforts and marketing too.     But I think the method by which you deliver your marketing message on these sites can make or break you.  Deliver it heavy-handed, be too self-absorbed, not offer anything of value within your messages or format ... and you run the risk of losing your audience.  I don't know about you, but that's something I'm trying to avoid.

     Yes this defines exactly what I've seen as of late on many social media sites.  I've actually "unfollowed" a few of my Pinterest and Twitter Followers.  (I'm considering doing likewise on Facebook.)  Bottomline, too many boards and messages I received were boring to me.  Too many offered nothing informative, new, engaging, or of interest to share with others.  They were "me, me, me".  In otherwords ... zzzzzzz.   

     I think people avoid or ignore others that talk about themselves too much.  They are drawn to, connect with, and seek out those that share and offer something of real value with them. 

     What I've been seeing on Pinterest and other social media as of late?  It reminds me to approach my own marketing with that important lesson in mind.  If I don't, I risk losing followers and potential business.  

     Or at minimum, putting someone to sleep ...

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