Are you a Recent Will County - Chicagoland Bride? How to Change your Last Name Once the Wedding is Over

Are you a Recent Will County - Chicagoland Bride?  
How to Change your Last Name Once
the Wedding is Over
     Our office has been an exciting place lately.  Besides the usual excitement surrounding our mortgage transactions and services, we've been celebrating the marriage of one of our co-workers.  Nothing like having a new bride around! 

     But now that the wedding has taken place, our new Bride is finding that there are quite a few things effected by her change in marriage status ... and there's quite a bit of updating needed in regards to her new name change.

      Note:  It's important that Brides know they need to have possession of their original or certified Marriage Certificate showing their new last name on it prior to attempting changes elsewhere.  If you didn't receive your Marriage Certificate, contact the County Clerk's office (where married) to get a certified copy.  (In Will County: County Clerk Office.  In Cook County:  County Clerk Office.)

     In Will County:  Two (2) business days after you receive your signed Marriage License, you can obtain/request a copy of your Marriage Certificate.  In Cook County:  Two weeks must pass from the day married to make the same request.

     Documentation changes must be completed by all Brides changing their names.  Those changes must be performed accurately and in a timely manner as they can reflect on a Bride's credit standing or cause issues when in the midst of a home buying transaction.       

  • Social Security Card - To accomplish this important update/change, brides need to fill out a new application and receive a new Social Security Card.  The number remains the same, but the new card will reflect her name change.  
       Brides can go directly to their local Social Security Administration office ... or they can visit the Social Security Administration website for the Application.

       Proof of Identity and age will be demanded for this purpose.  The documents accepted by the Social Security Administration as viable proof can be found ... HERE.   
  • Driver's License - In-and-of itself, your Driver's License is not credit or finance-related.  But so often, financial institutions and companies rely on an accurate and updated Driver's License for proof of your existence, signature, or accounts that it's just a great (and smart) place to start ASAP after your wedding day name change.  Brides requesting a new Driver's License because of a name change must produce a copy of their Marriage Certificate.
  •  Creditors, Credit Cards/Accounts  - Provide written notification of your name change to all creditors.  Make sure to ask them to provide their updates/changes to the 3 major Credit Bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  Some Credit Card companies will allow name changes without your providing proof ... but it's best to be prepared, should that not be the case.          I suggest strongly that you follow-up with each of the Credit Bureaus in a few months to make sure that all changes are being correctly reflected on your credit records.

     Give special attention to:

  • Bank Savings Accounts & Investment Accounts - Expect to have to provide your new Driver's License and a copy of your Marriage License at these institutions.  Make sure you ask for new checks, debit, credit cards attached to any existing accounts.
  • Utility Company Accounts - Yes, utility companies report to the Credit Bureaus.  NICOR reports account delinquencies to the Credit Bureaus.  Other utilities report collections only, so seeing to a name change (or addition of name) remains important.  Visit your utility sites or see the back of your bills for directions as to how to proceed.
  • IRS - Changes of name can be completed by filling out Form #8822 (a name of address form that includes other changes/name changes).  

     A simple phone call or completed form may suffice when changing names on other accounts.  Brides must remember to not overlook making the needed changes on the following too:

  • HR Departments, Doctors/Medical Facilities, Passport, Insurance Policies, Attorney (for any legal documents), Post Office, Tax forms/IRS, Memberships, Leases, Auto Loans, and more.   Because of recent changes that may have occurred to Voting Laws in your area, when voting in future elections, the info on your Driver's License must match the name on your Voter's ID.  You may be denied the right to vote, should there be a discrepancy.

     Our office Bride provided us this handy tip in regards to Passports also:  

     If you change your name on your Driver's License and your honeymoon travel requires you have a Passport ... make sure your Passport matches your flight/travel info and the info on your ticket(s).  Make sure to make copies of your Marriage Certificate and take them with you during your Honeymoon, just as a precaution should questions arise. 

     Begin gathering the needed addresses, phone numbers, and forms ... and start filling them out prior to your Wedding date.  That way changes can be made quickly and easily after you're married.  

     Again, I suggest that you always follow-up any actions taken in order to make sure that they have been made correctly.  That way there are no surprises later ... or corrections still needing to be made at the time of your Will County/Chicagoland home purchase, Mortgage Pre-Qualification, or Mortgage Application.  

     Should you have any questions ... please, don't hesitate to contact me ...

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