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An Important Lesson & Reminder About the Importance of Good Customer Service

An Important Lesson & Reminder About  the Importance of Good Customer Service

     We've been having intermittent internet/cable problems at our home for quite some time now.  At first, they were nothing that seemed to warrant a call or complaint, but lately, they've worsened.  So we pursued our cable/internet provider.

     Now let me say, I'll be naming no names, but I'm sure you'd be familiar with this company, as it's one of the biggest in our nation.  And their name starts with a C .. and ends with a T.  Enough said?

     My wife handled contacting this company regarding the issues we've been experiencing.  There were the usual long waits during her phone calls (yes, I said multiple calls).  That didn't seem too alarming.  Funny how we've become so desensitized to that sort of service.

     But after talking to various people and trying various "fixes" via signal sending, the provider actually "taking over" my wife's comp…

The Reasons to Contact a Mortgage Originator ASAP When Buying a Home

The Reasons to Contact a Mortgage Originator  ASAP When Buying a Home

The following are statistics reflecting American's financial habits.  They're provided by the National Financial Educators Council:

60% of adults don't budget/keep close track of their spending41% of young adults, ages 18 to 21, fail to pay their bills on time every month69% of parents admit to feeling less prepared to give their teens guidance on investing than they do about sex
I can tell you as a Mortgage Originator, that I'm not surprised by the numbers reported above.  I see/talk to clients on a daily basis that have little knowledge or comprehension regarding money, credit, or finances in general.  Even simple basics.

Often, by the time I talk to clients, they've already started the home buying process.  They've been online looking at homes, have attended Open Houses, or even started working with an agent.  

They may even have one specific home in mind for their purchase already.  If they ha…

Downpayments: Sometimes It's Good to Find Out You're Wrong

Downpayments: Sometimes It's Good  to Find Out You're Wrong

An article featured in the MReport a while back, reported that a large percentage of young, first-time potential home buyers believe they need a large downpayment to buy a home.  

The article said that the average first-time homebuyer surveyed in a Zelman & Associates research study incorrectly believed that Mortgage Lenders demanded minimum down payments of 11% to 15% to be made in order to obtain financing to purchase a home.  

Now this isn't the first time I've seen articles and stats of this nature.  Nor is this the first time I've written in response.  Admittedly, these stats and articles frustrate me.


Because much of whatthese first-time, young potential home buyers believe is ...


      ...  regarding the monies needed for down payments.  
It's just plainWRONG for homebuyers to think thatlower down payment financing options don't exist.  They do! 
One More Time.  Let M…

There ARE Alternatives to FHA Financing. Ask Me About My "Home Possible" Mortgage Option!

There ARE Alternatives to FHA Financing. Ask Me About My  "Home Possible" Mortgage Option!    
     Although FHA perhaps remains the most reliableFirst-Time Homebuyer Program currently available, it may no longer be the onlyor best option for certain qualified Borrowers.  

     With the current costs of upfront Mortgage Insurance and the increased costs of Annual Mortgage Insurance, I have sought alternative options for my Borrowers in the Conventional Financing environment.  I currently have a great option available for my clients.  

     The chart below shows how I (via APMC) have applied this program ... known as "Home Possible" to the benefit of my clients.  (Freddie Mac's Flexible Underwriting Program)

Here's where I used this Program ... and why:
FHAMortgageHome InsurancePossible In a nutshell ...

     Borrowers utilizing the "Home Possible" Mortgage Program will find it addressing a broader variety of their needs and offering them more flexible opti…