The Reasons to Contact a Mortgage Originator ASAP When Buying a Home

The Reasons to Contact a Mortgage Originator 
ASAP When Buying a Home

     The following are statistics reflecting American's financial habits.  They're provided by the National Financial Educators Council:

  • 60% of adults don't budget/keep close track of their spending
  • 41% of young adults, ages 18 to 21, fail to pay their bills on time every month
  • 69% of parents admit to feeling less prepared to give their teens guidance on investing than they do about sex

     I can tell you as a Mortgage Originator, that I'm not surprised by the numbers reported above.  I see/talk to clients on a daily basis that have little knowledge or comprehension regarding money, credit, or finances in general.  Even simple basics.

     Often, by the time I talk to clients, they've already started the home buying process.  They've been online looking at homes, have attended Open Houses, or even started working with an agent.  

     They may even have one specific home in mind for their purchase already.  If they have, time is of the essence and the clock is ticking ... as in some Chicago-area housing markets, competition for good homes is very steep.  

     Yet, often I find these hopeful home buyers' finances are less then perfect ... and their credit power is not at optimum levels.  They may be "approvable", but the Mortgage programs available to them are not as desirable as those available to those with better credit standings.  

     Or I find another scenario:  They'll need to do some real "clean-up" on their credit to get to the Closing table.  Clean-up that gobbles-up valuable time and raises the stress-level of all involved within the transaction to a higher level.

     So what's the answer to this dilemma?

     First, your finances and Credit Scores can be improved.  It takes:
  • Education 
  • Knowledge 
  • Effort 
  • Hard Work
  • Time  
  • Attention to Details on a Consistent Basis

     Admittedly ... I, as your Mortgage Originator, can't help you earn a larger salary.  But I CAN:
  • Guide you through organizing and optimizing your finances 
  • Help you establish wise and useful Credit if need be
  • Provide you information and guidance that will help raise your Credit Scores 
  • Help you financially position yourself to maximize the options available to you for your Mortgage
     Again, I need time to accomplish that with you.  And the deeper your financial and credit issues?  The more time needed.

     Here's my advice ...

     Don't wait until you're hoping to view homes to seek-out a Mortgage Originator's services!  Starting 6-months to a full year ahead of when you hope to purchase is advised. 

     Credit-building ... Credit repair ... positioning you and your finances most advantageously ... takes time.  

     Don't get discouraged or overwhelmed by the thought of preparing.  

     And please keep in mind:  Sometimes even small improvements in Credit Scores and finances can have a big impact on the Interest Rate you receive ... and the types of Mortgage Programs available to you when you buy your home.  They can translate into savings ... big savings.

     So if you're hoping to buy a home now or in the future ... you're represented in any of the statistics shown above ... or if you just hope to wisely maximize the power of the money you have worked so hard to earn and save, contact me now.  The sooner you seek help and guidance, the better.

     In the Chicagoland, IL, and WI area, I can be easily reached at any of the following:

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