How to Put Your Leftover Halloween Candy to Good Use in Will County, IL

How to Put Your Leftover Halloween Candy 
to Good Use in Will County, IL

     I know Halloween is a couple weeks away yet, but the holiday ... and the candy stash that typically finds its way into our home, is on my mind.

     Now if your neighborhood is anything like our's, the number of trick-or-treaters that land on your doorstep on Halloween can vary greatly from one year to another .  

     In Will County and IL, finicky Fall weather explains a lot of those fluctuations.  But even when weather is good, we see hugely varying numbers.  Some years it seems as though a caravan of buses must have dropped kids off nearby.  During others, we see far fewer little ghosts and gremlins.

     Planning ahead for such wide fluctuations in numbers can be a real challenge for candy buyers.  My wife's rule of thumb is to plan as though a large army of kids is going to drop by each year. The thought of even one child not receiving candy at our house gives her chills and nightmares.

     I'm not complaining though.  Being a bit of a "candyholic", I'm more than okay with some candy going unclaimed.  But even I have my candy-eating limitations. 

     So what do you do if you live in the Will County (IL) area and you still have a large amount of candy after this year's Halloween is over?  Here are some suggestions:
  • Freeze some of the leftovers.  If packaged and frozen correctly, chocolates will last for a lengthy period of time
  • Consider taking part in a Will County candy "Buy Back" program, such as: 
      A.  Local Manhattan, IL dentist, Laura Aversano of Manhattan Dental Care's, 175 So. State Street, 4th Annual Candy "Buy Back".  All donated candy will be sent to:  "Operation Care Package".  This "Buy Back" takes place on November 5th, 2013, between the hours of  4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  For more information regarding this event, call:  (815) 478-7788. 

     or ...

      B.  Bring leftover hard candies to the Mokena Park District's "Stockings for our Troops", being held Monday, November 11th, 10 am to 1 pm, at The Oaks Recreation and Fitness Center located at:  10847 W. LaPorte Road.  (Other items to fill stockings would be appreciated, as well.)

     or ...

     C.  Donate to other organizations in need of donations and fillers for military holiday stockings or care packages, such as "Operation Gratitude" or "Sweets for Soldiers".  

     or ...
  • Donate your candy to a Will County food bank, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or a local church collecting for holiday food baskets
  • Bring some of the candy to work
  • Use the candy in recipes.  Click HERE to find some recipe suggestions! 
     These are just a small number of suggestions for ways Will County residents and businesses can put their leftover Halloween candy to good use.  Each suggestions proves that having "leftovers" can be a good thing ... and that "leftovers" can serve a good purpose too.

     Hope you enjoy a safe and Happy Halloween!

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