Want the Best Mortgage Available? "Stage" Yourself and Your Finances

Want the Best Mortgage Available?
"Stage" Yourself and Your Finances 

Analogies are a tool I often use with my mortgage clients, as the comparisons and similarities showcased within my analogies deliver a bite-sized, more easily understood and digested method for my explanations ...  

When utilized, analogies can produce an "ah hah" moment, sometimes with an understanding and reaction so immediate and startling that I virtually see it taking place on my client's face.  It's as though a switch "clicked" and clarity and understanding began to flow.

As of late, I've really begun to note some strong similarities between the benefits and services produced by home staging and those realized by Borrowers when they seek mortgage consultation and advice prior to entrance into their mortgage process.  I'm hoping that this analogy makes sense and produces that "ah hah" moment for those hoping to seek a mortgage in the future.

Let me explain ...

Do you watch "home" or real estate-related channels on TV?  Follow them online or read home and lifestyle magazines?

Then I bet you've seen and heard about home staging. Staging tips, information, data, and advice are everywhere these days.  Rightfully so ... and here's why I say that.  

What follows below are just a few of the many benefits attributed to Home Staging that I unearthed during a quick online search:

  • A staged home makes a good first impression on potential Buyers
  • Staging helps you "stand out" ... amongst area competitors. (Especially beneficial when paired with good pricing
  • 62% of Listing Agents say professional staging decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market
  • 31% of respondents to NAR's survey say staging increased the dollar value of a home they sold by 1% to 5% 
  • 13% said it increased a home’s dollar value by 6% to 10%
  • Staging helps Buyers visualize how to use the room(s) in your home 
  • Potential Buyers linger longer in staged properties 
  • Staging accentuates the positive features of your home and visually minimizes its weaknesses
  • More ...

Even in those homes where professional staging is not performed, staging actions are still greatly encouraged by a majority of Listing Agents.  At minimum, the staging benefits of cleaning, decluttering, freshening, minor repairs, and organizing are strongly advised.

Whether Buyer, Seller, or Agent:  The concept of Staging ... and the data supporting the benefits it delivers ... has come to be almost universally embraced.  

Who among us wouldn't like an action or service that touts the delivery of those kinds of benefits?  It just makes sense, right?

So, go back to my list above.  Go bullet point to bullet point:  I believe a strong analogy can be made between each and what I call "Mortgage Staging" ... and the vital importance of new hopeful Borrowers pursuing it. 

 Let's Talk Now!

I've long been a proponent of Buyers/Borrowers pursuing pre-planning and early consultations with a Mortgage Originator.  I've advocated and written on its importance a good number of times as a result.  

But I ask you once again, refer to the bullet points above:
  • Don't Borrowers need to make a "good first impression" on Sellers?  On Underwriters?
  • Wouldn't proactive actions, pre-planning, and early consultations with your LO decrease the stress, effort, and time needed during all stages of your mortgage process ... from Pre-Approval through Closing? 
  • Wouldn't the benefits reaped from these early actions increase your "value" as a Borrower in the eyes of Underwriters and Lenders?  
  • Wouldn't Sellers value Buyers that have already cleaned, organized, "decluttered", and "repaired" their credit and finances more highly than those that have not?
  • Wouldn't Sellers "linger" and negotiate longer with Buyers that can prove they are capable of buying their home?
  • Wouldn't "Mortgage Staging" involving preparation and improvement of a Buyer's finances "accentuate the positive" features of that Buyer? 

Ah-HAH!  "Click"!  See my point?  The similarities (and need) are real and strong ... and the results can be just as good ...

Experienced Mortgage Originators, when given time to accomplish it, can "stage" (historically called "position") their Borrowers.  They improve upon and maximize the abilities and options available to their Borrowers via their finances and credit.   

And this service?  Many Mortgage Originators (certainly  myself) offer "Mortgage Staging" (advice, pre-planning, Pre-Qualification) services free of charge prior to actual Mortgage Application.  

As with home staging, the "Mortgage Staging" concept and process makes complete sense in terms of saving time, saving on long-term expenditures, removing obstacles, eliminating stress, and expanding options.  

There's so much to be gained through "Mortgage Planning".  Why not take advantage of it?  The price is certainly right.

In New Lenox - Will County - Chicagoland and WI, contact me today to get started on your "Mortgage Staging" today ...

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