Game Plans and Options: Mortgage Transactions Need Them Too

Game Plans and Options: 
Mortgage Transactions Need Them Too

If you watch sports much (and admittedly, I do), you've probably seen clipboards and playbooks in the hands of coaches on the sidelines. Those clipboards and playbooks hold the "game plan" for their team and their path to (hopefully) victory ...

What we don't hear or see much about are all the things done leading up to that big game.  The hours spent in team meetings ... planning sessions, film-watching, practice.  

By the time the actual game is played, the players have seen, heard, and practiced the game's designated game plan and plays  repeatedly.  The idea being that their actions and reactions become natural, automatic, rote.  (Vince Lombardi was legendary for his meetings, film-watching, and practice sessions.  Enjoy the clip!)

But even with all the pre-planning, preparation, and practice, it's not uncommon for coaches to introduce new plans and last-minute changes to players during crucial or close games ... adjustments and tweaks made to address what's actually occurring during the game.

Now I know you're thinking some kind of an analogy is coming, so as to not disappoint ...

I've often thought that Mortgage Originators are much like coaches.  They definitely need a strong game plan for their clients.  

They also need a "playbook" for each of their transactions.  One that addresses each step of the transaction.  

The playbook contains the many loan types, loan programs, loan requirements, and underwriting guidelines that could affect the transaction. The variables of each are within the playbook.  

What I'm trying to get at is this:  Mortgage Originators need to adopt a game mentality regarding their transactions.  They need to prepare themselves (and their clients) just like coaches do for a game.   

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Practical application, practice, and reinforcement of the game plan should then follow.  The preparation should address allowance for last-minute adjustments and changes, just as it does with major league players. 

Planning and preparation build confidence.  It results in success.

A Mortgage Originator's Game Plan should include: 

  • A thorough analyzation of their "team" (clients) and their talents, capabilities, and playing options (Credit standing, possible credit improvement, qualifications for differing mortgage programs, etc.)
  • Education of client(s)
  • Ongoing communication
  • Practical application (Gathering of documentation, instruction for completing requirements and tasks, etc.)
  • More ...

In other words, no portion of the game plan should be under analyzed, unknown, or misunderstood by Originator or client.  No portion of the game plan should be left to chance.  

In a mortgage transaction:  That means clients are provided all game "options"  ... and understand them thoroughly.  

My next post will cover the various loan options available to Borrowers today and what distinguishes each ... 

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