Dreaming of Becoming a Successful Home Buyer or Seller This Spring?

Dreaming of Becoming a Successful
  Home Buyer or Seller This Spring?

     In the Chicago-area, April typically means Spring ... and its warmer weather has arrived. Or at least being enjoyed many days of the month ...

     If presently a Chicago-area home owner

dreaming of selling your home ... and buying a new one, spring's warmer weather is good news. The Chicagoland housing market has finally begun to warm-up too.

     New housing data shows that move-up Sellers, as well as Boomerang Buyers and Millenials, are entering the market to take advantage of (still) low interest rates and a bettering economy. New construction starts have started to rise. 

     But new data also shows that Chicagoland badly needs more Sellers to return to the market. Present inventory is low. Buyers presently have a small inventory of homes to select from.

     Increased competition for a home's sale is obviously good news for Sellers. But selling can still have its challenges. 

     Sellers must ask themselves:

  • How do they choose a real estate professional to represent them? 
  • Will their home stand-up to the increased competition presently found within the market?
  • Will Buyers view their home in a positive light?
  • How can they increase the chances of a sale with improvements that will add appeal, both inside and out?
  • How do they price their home competitively?
  • Can they buy again after they sell their present home?
  • How do they choose a Mortgage Originator to advise them ... and service their upcoming buying/borrowing needs?
  • More ... 

     There are steps that a hopeful Home Seller can take to increase their chances of their home selling quickly and smoothly. Steps that will help them increase the "sale-ability" of their home. 

     Below you'll find some easy, fun, pro-active, and positive steps you can take to improve your chances of selling ... and then buying again:


     Grab your computer or some home decorating magazines. Investigate and educate yourself about decluttering and preparing your home for its sale. 

     Check-out the latest trends in lighting, fixtures, organization, decor, staging, and more. Good maintenance, little changes, and updates can reap big results! 

     Don't Overlook Resources available to you! A professional real estate agent, stager, and LO, are a wealth of knowledge, great ideas, information, and assistance.

     Take notes as you see ideas that will benefit you! Clip and Paste favorites into a folder, either online or on paper. That way you can refer back to them or regain inspiration as needed.

     Magazines and Websites suggestions to check-out: 

     Two of my very favorite Home Stagers are: 

     The before and after photos contained in their staging blogs made me a firm believer in the magic that home staging can deliver. 

     My last suggestion? Whether a hopeful Chicago-area Buyer ... or a Seller dreaming of moving on or moving up ... contact me early in your decision-making process so we can have a conversation about your future financing needs. 

     That way we have plenty of time to prepare you for the success you seek ... and you know what options are available to you as you move forward.


     *  Hoping to Buy, Sell, or Refinance a home in the Chicagoland area, Illinois, or Wisconsin?  Contact me now.  I'll put my 37 years of experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.  

     You can find me at:  

Direct:  815.524.2280
Cell/Text:  708.921.6331
       eFax:  1.815.524.2281   

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