Trifecta of Home Buying Motivators: Rising Home Prices, Rising Rents, Rising Interest Rates

Trifecta of Home Buying Motivators: 
Rising Home Prices, Rising Rents, 
Rising Interest Rates

     Knowing WHY my clients want to buy a home is important to me as their Mortgage Originator ... 

     I try to engage them in a conversation about themselves.  Ask them questions.  Find out what's inspiring them to buy or refinance a home.  

     I want to know what hopes and plans they have regarding a purchase prior to delving into the financial aspects of their transaction with them.  I gain valuable insights and direction from our conversation.

    But accomplishing this can be harder than you might think.  Most people have a long list of questions they're in a hurry to ask.  Gain answers to.  And that's understandable ...

     But when we do have that conversation, a majority often speak of 1 of 3 major reasons as those things that motivated them to contact me.  

     What are the motivators I hear most often?

     1.  They're fearful of being kept out of the housing market by rising home prices.  

       This is a concern that is again cropping-up after virtually disappearing during the housing downturn.

     2.  They've seen and heard reports regarding: Renting a Home VS Buying a Home in Chicagoland.  

     They've done the math.  And with Interest Rates still being low and rental prices continuing upwards, they're ready to discover what home buying and Mortgage options are available to them.

     3.  And perhaps the current single biggest motivator?  The possibility of Interest Rates rising soon

     The news has recently been filled with reports of the Fed raising rates. Hopeful Buyers don't want to miss out on the lower rates still available now.

     Obviously, as a Mortgage Originator, I applaud them asking questions.  Seeking answers.  Contacting me to discuss their concerns.

     It's truly the only way to find what possibilities exist for yourself.  It's the only way to gain the info and FACTS needed to make timely and informed decisions.  

     A while back, I wrote a post entitled, "The Modern Mortgage and Mortgage Process are Much Like a Fingerprint or Snowflake ... No Two are Alike".  

     Fact is:  You can't compare any 2 home buying scenarios.  Even seemingly minor differences ... or in finances ... can bring about vastly different results for Buyers/Borrowers.

     It's also a fact:  You can't get started on your home buying and financing process too early.   

     Hoping to buy a home?  

     No matter your motivation for buying ... get educated first.  Get to your local experts in real estate and lending.  Get started on asking your questions.   

       You'll be glad you did ...


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