A Recipe for Disaster: Navigating your Mortgage Transaction "Flying by the Seat of your Pants"

A Recipe for Disaster:
Entering your Mortgage Transaction 
"Flying by the Seat of your Pants" 

https://1609956119.secure-loancenter.com/FreeConsult.aspx     Have you ever heard the old saying "flying by the seat of your pants" 

     I sense that's exactly what some of my potential clients are doing when they first talk to me about buying and financing a home.  It's like the idea of Buying a Home dawned on them in the middle of the night in the middle of some dream. 

     In this day and age of more challenging housing and financing markets, it's not wise to be "flying by the seat of your pants" when entering the Home Buying or Mortgage Process.  Potential Home Buyers and Borrowers need to give the entire process some good hard thought and preparation.  Otherwise they'll meet with frustrations and failures.

     Now I'm not trying to scare anyone by saying this.  Just the opposite.  I'm trying to get a much-needed point across while also providing a clearly marked, easily navigated roadmap to successful Borrowing and Home Ownership.  

     Let me put it this way ... as your Chicagoland Mortgage Lender, I want to be your home financing GPS system. Together, you and I will decide your destination and then we'll formulate a plan to get you there.  But then you, the client, must:  

  • Listen carefully to my instructions 
  • Follow my instructions in a timely manner
  • Follow my instructions precisely  
      ... and you'll successfully arrive at your hoped-for destination ...  your Mortgage Closing.

     A successful purchase and Mortgage Closing takes thought and work on every participant's part, whether client or professional.  A Mortgage Lender can't get you to your destination on their own.  Neither can a Real Estate Agent.  Or your Attorney, Home Inspector, Appraiser, or anyone else involved in your transaction. 

     Buying a home and Closing a Mortgage takes effort on everyone's part.  Everyone must be working together towards a common goal.  

     Part of you, the client's, overall Home Buying and Mortgage financing "plan" must include rolling-up your sleeves and doing some work.  Prior to entering the Home Buying Process and throughout the Mortgage Process too.  You need to be prepared mentally for that fact.

     So, what should be the first step in formulating your "plan"?

     Contact me, your Mortgage Lender, at minimum, 3 to 6 months prior to when you hope to start your home search.  That allows time to address credit issues that might be in play.  Whether it's the establishment of credit, the repair of Credit, or the polishing of Credit Scores ... each demands time to accomplish.

     To be prepared for our first Mortgage conversation, Consultation, and Mortgage Process, click HERE for a link to a List of Documents required for most Mortgage Approvals.  You may be asked to provide additional information that addresses your specific financial scenario and transaction, but this list will cover the majority of what it typically needed.

     I see it all the time as a Mortgage Lender.  Those clients that try "flying by the seat of their pants" during their Home Buying and Mortgage financing struggle and are frustrated throughout their entire transaction.  They don't enjoy what should be a very happy time in their lives ... buying a new home.  

     A Recipe for Disaster: Navigating your Mortgage Transaction "Flying by the Seat of your Pants".  Don't let that be you.  Be prepared.  Make a plan ... 


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