What Neighborhood Means ... It's More Than a Cup of Sugar

What Neighborhood Means ... 
It's More Than a Cup of Sugar    

     Not too long ago, my wife received a call from one of our neighbors.  The neighbor was asking Marilyn to come over immediately, as she had cut herself and needed help.  Could Marilyn apply a butterfly and not pass out?  My wife could, so she ran over and assisted.

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     But this incident got me thinking about how very important our neighbors and neighborhoods  are ... and can be to the quality of our life.  In some small and big ways ... and even in unexpected ways.

     Our family has been blessed in each of the homes we have owned.  In fact, when living in our first home in Mokena, each of our neighbors jokingly said that if one of us moved, we'd all have to move with them.  Each of our households realized just how fortunate we were to have the unique and wonderful blend of neighbors that we did.  And just how dependent we were on each other on so many levels. 

    Each family from that neighborhood eventually ended-up going their own way, but the sentiment that we each held during the time is strong proof that the act of choosing a home should not be taken lightly.  And that the criteria that a potential Buyer should use to make their choice should go beyond that of a home's design and price.  For so many important reasons, the choice of a home should also be based on ... location, location, location.

     What is some of the information regarding a neighborhood that should be sought out prior to signing a contract on a home?  I think the answer lies in what the Buyer considers important to the quality of their  life. 

What do they depend on regarding community services?  What location would best support their lifestyle?  What will be their proximity to the business services they use most often to support and enhance their life?  How close or accessible will they be to all these important things, should they buy at a specific address?

Check Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender out today!     What are some the things that should be considered?
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment/Theaters, etc. 
  • Activities
  • Grocery/Shopping
  • Libraries
  • Doctors/Hospitals
  • Schools/School Districts
  • Places of Worship
  • Ages of neighborhood population
  • Transportation/Commuting/Proximity to commuting/highways
  • Taxing bodies/Taxes
  • Community Comprehensive Planning
  • Community Services - Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, etc.
  • Location within the neighborhood, i.e. corner lot, backing-up to busy street, surrounding properties
  • Crime rates
  • Population/Density
  • Noise Levels of Area
  • Odors or Air Contaminants
  • More ...

     As a former real estate appraiser (and often to the frustration of my wife), I have a tendency to look way beyond a home's appearance and price point.  I look to a property's surroundings and the history of sales within the area.  I believe potential home buyers should act and do much the same.  

     Home buyers should never lose sight that, even if they think they’ll never sell, future circumstances might cause them to do just that.  And educating themselves and remaining educated about the sales history of a neighborhood is very important.

     Buyers need to remember, they're not just buying a house.  They're buying a neighborhood  too ... one I think most Buyer’s hope they'll become an active participant within.  And a neighborhood that hopefully embraces them in return.   

    Most hope that the neighborhood they choose will provide neighbors so caring that they can be called upon to offer a cup of sugar ... or even help to place a butterfly after an emergency.

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