Hoping to become a Successful Spring home Seller and Buyer? Part 2 ...

Hoping to become a Successful 
Spring home Seller and Buyer?  Part 2 ... 

     Part 1 of this post pointed out that being located within a cold weather climate does not need to be a liability to those home owners hoping to list and sell their home this coming Spring.  There are many things that can be tackled and accomplished within a home, even during cold winter months found in Chicagoland and elsewhere across the USA.

     Part 2 of my post tells you what those things are ... and how to go about successfully completing them ...

     Roll-up your sleeves!  Remove clutter.  Heed the saying, "Clutter kills.  Space Sells".  Clutter makes a room look smaller visually.  Clutter distracts Home Buyers while viewing your home ... exactly what you do NOT want.  Clean everything up, clean every nook and cranny out, and make everything shine!

     If you have a fireplace, clean it out.  Have the chimney safety-checked.  Clean glass doors inside and out.  Make sure those doors work and slide easily.  

     Rent a storage unit to store items you DO want after winnowing out the old, tired, and unwanted, if need be.  Pack-up, prepare, donate, and throw away the items that you clean out.  Schedule pick-up for  charitable organizations immediately so you're not tempted to change your mind.  Other ideas include hosting a spring garage sale, sell on eBay, or simply tote them to the curb for pick-up on garbage day.

     Fix and Repair!  Make sure doors, windows, moving parts/items work and hang as they should.  Replace missing parts or modernize their appearance  Re-grout tile, if need be ... or make sure it's clean.  Repair/patch/clean walls.  Re-paint and freshen ... neutral colors work best.   Replace light bulbs.  Make sure all ceiling fans are operational and in good repair with globes and blades in place.

     Discover and Re-Discover Space!  Create pathways that flow within rooms.  Create storage space by installing closet units, shelving, and hooks.  File bills, mail, and records neatly away and out of sight.  Wrap-up phone/fax/computer cords neatly.  Find a way to make it work and appear tidy.

     The Kitchen is the most important room in the house, in the majority of Buyers' minds.  Spend the most time, make the biggest effort ... and do the most repairs and upgrades in this room.  Cleaning (inside and out) or replacing outdated appliances pays off.  Seriously consider this expenditure.   

     Simple upgrades on kitchen cabinets and sinks also garner notice and benefit sellers.  Think about replacing old hardware with new modern ones.  Counter tops should be in good repair.  Clear them of small appliances. 

     Tackle that basement ... and/or a crawlspace too!  Yes, Buyers WILL look.  And so will an appraiser or home inspector. Fix and leave no evidence of leaks or stains.  Clean and dust everything, including beams, joists, furnace area, etc.

     Consider the "foo-foo".   Years ago, I often worked with an agent that called the decorative items in a home ... "foo-foo".  Back in the late 70's and early 80's, "foo-foo" wasn't given much attention or thought.  Not so today!  New decorative items such as plush towels, matching bathroom accessories, candles, flowers, and more do gain a Buyer's attention.  These items set a mood, so don't overlook them.  

     Don't forget the Garage!  Some Buyers get absolutely giddy over well-planned, spacious, clean garages (even the floors) ... so don't overlook yours. 

     Messy garages with walls in need of repair plant worries in potential Buyers.  Clean your garage out thoroughly, just as you did the inner rooms of your home.  Remove or cover stains on the floor.  Repair walls.  If you have only studded walls in your garage, consider insulating, drywalling, and painting.  Organize, organize, organize ... and hang things neatly.

     Don't forget outside components and areas of your home.  You CAN prepare many items for quick warm weather installation or repair during winter months prior to listing your home.  Lubricate that garage door!  Clean dryer and exhaust fan vents.   

     Have summer screens in need of repair?  NOW is the time to act.  Get them to the hardware store soon and they will be ready for re-installation in spring.  The winter can also be a great time for off-season purchases.  Should you need to replace or repair outdoor fixtures, landscaping, or others items ... consider buying them now.  Or getting a quote from a contractor before they get busy with spring work.  The prices will be better .. and you'll be first in line to accomplish your tasks.

     Have a break in the cold weather?  Shake-up your winter routine and take advantage of those days to get outside and prune, clean, rake, replace, and more.  The more you get done ahead of Spring's arrival, the faster you can get your home on the market.  And that can mean a quicker sale because of fewer competitors.     

     And of course, should you be dreaming of becoming a step-up Buyer upon your sale ... use this time to  get pre-qualified  for your new home purchase and finance.  Contact me  now and together we'll get started cleaning-up, sprucing-up, and polishing your credit to maximum efficiency so you receive the best interest rates and mortgage program available. 

     Hoping to become a successful 2013 Spring home Seller and Buyer?  You can accomplish big things in preparation for your home's sale and purchase during cold weather winter months.  Don't let this useful time and opportunity slip by ...  

     *  Let's put the winter months to your use and benefit and spruce up your credit and finances to their maximum potential.  Contact me now  and together we'll begin preparation for your new home purchase.  
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