From Santa's Helper ... to Successful Home Buyer - Borrower

From Santa's Helper ... 
to Successful Home Buyer - Borrower     

 Click to Contact Me for Help      My Mother-in-law, Pauline was a super "Santa's Helper".  In fact, she just may have written the Elves' training manual for Santa ...

     All holidays were never too far from her mind. Never too far off on the calendar for her to be thinking and planning for them.  

     Whether it was meals, gifts, preparing her home, or family and friends gathering, she was busy like a bee.  But Christmas?  That was special ... her favorite ... and she pulled out all the stops.

     As a farmer's wife and a child of the Depression, she had learned to prepare well ahead for all occasions.  Lean times or snowy weather preventing trips to town could be just around the corner.  
     Holiday planning was an art form for her.  It was truly a year-long event.  It was planned out, choreographed, and executed.  She acquired goodies and gifts throughout the year and safely stashed them away in her secret places within the farmhouse.

     Now, as the saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree".  Definitely true, as my wife learned well from watching her Mother.  

     Marilyn's style of running our household is very reminiscent of her Mom's.  She prepares our family's Christmas and holidays much like her mom did their family's when she was little.  One holiday is barely over before the next is being planned and prepared for. 

     When talking with my clients, I've found that many prepare for the Holidays in a very similar manner.  Extra time ... special effort is given to Holiday planning and preparation.  

     They plan, organize, stockpile, craft, save money, budget, shop, remodel, update decor, (and more) with extra zeal, dedication, and a clear goal in mind.  They execute their plans proactively, wisely, with precision. 

     So what does all this have to do with buying a home or mortgages?

     I'd suggest that all the attributes mentioned above are the very same ones that should be called upon while in the pursuit of a buying (and selling) a home or seeking mortgage financing.   The very same intensity and focus should come into play.  

     The importance and value ... the absolute need ... for devoting ample time, planning, and preparation to the pursuit of mortgage financing during the home buying process, has been a topic featured in many of my prior posts.  

     Three (3) of those posts are:

     The media has given the modern mortgage (and mortgage process) plenty of attention and scrutiny.  

     Because of that scrutiny, most prospective buyers/borrowers are aware ... in some measure ... that the process of buying and financing a home will be more demanding on them than it was for previous buyers.  

     All too often that knowledge proves intimidating. Hopeful homebuyers and borrowers psyche themselves out.  They panic ... feel overwhelmed before they even start the home buying process.  (If they start it at all.)  I see it fairly often.

     They shouldn't feel that way.  So many of them possess the abilities and talents needed to tackle and successfully navigate today's home buying and mortgage financing.  

     They're just unaware of a unique correlation ...  as the abilities and talents called for when buying a home or navigating the mortgage process are really holiday and event planning talents in disguise.  They're just re-focused and put to work in a new and different direction. 

     If you can plan and prepare for holidays successfully, you can successfully manage your home buying and financing process too.

     Let's compare the two:  Both holiday planning and home buying/borrowing require that ample time be set aside for preparation.  

     They both demand saving and budgeting skills.  Each calls for thoroughness, good listening skills to be implemented.  Even the gathering of required items or elements gets called into play with both.  

     Updating, refreshing, maintenance may be demanded or performed during both.  Throw in a need for energy, focus, patience, and good communication skills too.  

     See?  Basically the same talents and skill sets need to be called-upon and utilized for each.  There's no reason to be afraid, get overwhelmed, or avoid the home buying or mortgage process.  The requirements are one and the same.   

     And I'm betting that during the upcoming Holiday Season, that many hopeful Chicagoland buyers and borrowers will be honing these very talents and skills.  They'll just need to continue to rely upon those skill sets when they enter navigate the home buying - mortgage process.  

     Success will be theirs.  They can seamlessly go from Santa's Helper to Successful Home Buyer - Borrower if they put those same talents to work.

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