Follow these Tips to Have a Safe, Fun-Filled Halloween

Follow these Tips to Have a Safe, 
Fun-Filled Halloween

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     This year, Halloween is on Monday ... October 31st, 2016 ...  

     Make sure your child's 2016 Halloween is a safe, fun one. 

     Have them follow the safety tips and precautions below while trick-or-treating:     
For Costume Safety: 

  • Make sure all wig, costumes, and accessories are fire resistant 
  • Make sure Halloween makeup is non-toxic so as to prevent skin and eye irritations. (Test a small area ahead of time to be safe
  • Avoid masks.  But if masks are worn, make sure they do not block eyesight. Make eye holes extra large 
  • Make sure costumes are well-fitted so they do not cause tripping or falling 
  • Have your children wear comfy shoes (or comfy boots, if bad weather
  • If hats are a part of a costume, make sure they fit properly so they do not slip over your child's eyes 
  • Make sure all accessories such as swords, wands, knives, etc. are made from flexible materials that will not puncture 
  • Do not allow your child to wear decorative/costume contact lenses (risk of eye injuriesWhile decorative lenses often make the claims such as "one size fits all," or "no need to see an eye specialist," obtaining decorative contact lenses without a prescription is both dangerous and illegal
  • Do not allow your child to wear Halloween make-up to bed. 
  • Remove all makeup carefully. Follow manufacturer's directions for removal 
  • Fasten reflective tape or fluorescent/luminescent materials to your child's costume and treat bag ... or have them carry glow sticks
  • Have a flashlight at your/their disposal, if trick-or-treating in diminishing daylight or dark    


For Home Safety:
  • Keep sidewalks, steps, and doorways free of lawn decorations, wet leaves, bikes, snow, etc. 
  • Keep family pets in a safe environment, away from Trick-or-Treaters (and treats
  • Keep the outside of your home and walkways well-lit. 
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs

     For a Safe Trick-or-Treat Trail:

  • Have your child eat a good meal prior to parties and trick-or-treating.  It will discourage them from filling up on Halloween treats
  • Travel and Trick-or-Treat on well-lit streets only
  • Only use sidewalks for a pathway (if possible)
  • If sidewalks are not available, walk on a far edge of the road facing traffic
  • Don't allow children to cut across lawns, dart across streets, or use alley-ways 
  • Walk ... do not run ... between homes 
  • Never allow your child to cross streets from between parked cars or out of driveways
  • Have children stay with an adult or travel in groups 
  • Visit only well-lit homes that have a porch light on 
  • Children should never enter any home or car for treats 
  • Review the routes your children will be taking 
  • Motorists may experience problems seeing Trick-or-Treaters at night. Always have children look both ways prior to crossing a street .. and never assume that walkers have the right-of-way 
  • Carry a Flashlight (with fresh batteries) and a Cellphone 
  • Examine all your child's candy prior to them eating it 
  • If in doubt about some candy, throw it out 
  • Adhere to your municipality's set Trick-or-Treat Hours 
  • Know where registered sex offenders reside. Check the U.S. Dept. of Justice's U.S. Dept. of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website so as not to place your child in risky or dangerous situations during Trick-or-Treating 
  • Dial 911 in case of Emergencies

     Follow the safety tips and suggestions above and make your child's Halloween Trick-or-Treat adventure a fun-filled, safe one ...

     Happy Halloween! 


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