The Items Needed Within Your Vehicle's Winter Driving Emergency Kit

The Items Needed Within Your 
Vehicle's Winter Driving Emergency Kit defines "black ice" as:

         "A thin sheet of ice, as on a road surface, usually caused by freezing mist and creating hazardous driving conditions"
     Ask my wife, and she'd probably define it as "trouble waiting to happen".  For drivers and vehicles alike.

     My wife Marilyn met the outcome of "black ice" personally one night.  Another driver in front of her lost control of their vehicle upon a slick road ... and "whoosh".   The other vehicle was quickly in her lane and there was nowhere to go.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.  Except for our Honda Civic.  

     But this accident served as a wake-up call.  Both for me personally, as I'm awfully glad my wife was okay.  But it also reminded me (and hopefully others) that driving shouldn't be taken lightly.  Especially during changing or hazardous weather.

     Winter conditions will soon arrive in the Chicagoland area.  Those of us that live or travel within these areas must know HOW to drive safely under these more perilous conditions.  And we must always be prepared, should an accident occur. 

     Below is a list of items that you should keep in your vehicle during winter travel.  Pack them now ... and you'll be better prepared should you get stranded or have an emergency. 

  •    A stocked first-aid kit
  •   Keep a Mobile phone and charger available 
  •   Flashlights with extra batteries 
  •   Blanket or sleeping bag
  •   Mittens, socks, and a wool cap
  •   A small sack of sand or cat litter for generating traction under stuck wheels.  It also serves to add weight to your vehicle.
  •   A small shovel
  •   Bottled water (Remember to allow for freezing/expansion in the container)
  •   Booster cables 
  •   Signaling devices such as emergency flares  
  •   Non-perishable munchies
  •   Books, etc. to amuse kids, should they be traveling with you
  •   Insurance Information for Vehicle
  •   Insurance Information for driver/passengers, especially if there are specific health concerns/medications involved.         
     Carry your emergency kit items in a bag.  Store and secure the bag inside the vehicle, so it's available quickly and easily.  (If kept in the trunk, you may not be able to access it after an accident.)

     No one likes to think that the "unthinkable" will occur.  I know my family certainly didn't.  But in the event that "life" intervenes, it's best to be prepared.  Be prepared and protect yourself with  The Items Needed Within Your Vehicle's Winter Driving Emergency Kit.

     Drive safely and stay alert ...

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