2013 Music Boosters "SIAM Discount Book" on Sale in Lincoln-Way High School Communities

2013 Music Boosters "SIAM Discount Book" 
on Sale in 
Lincoln-Way High School Communities

     My wife and her siblings are all proud alumni of Lincoln-Way High Schools' renowned music department.  All were members of the award-winning LWHS-Central "Knights" band while attending high school at Lincoln-Way years ago.  

     Anyone familiar with our area's high school district will tell you that the current LWHS-Central "Knights", as well as the other bands within the district's music departments (the East Griffins, the West Warriors, the North Phoenix) can brag of a long and glorious history of service and entertainment to all the Lincoln-Way School District communities.

     The bands' thousands of music performances over the years in parades, concerts, football games, musicals,  competitions (and more) have been the stuff of legend and the source of much pride of current members, alumni, and LWHS communities.  But outfitting, equipping, and covering travel costs for hundreds of band musicians (plus choral and orchestra students) each year comes at a cost.

     So for 28 years during each Fall, the Lincoln-Way High School Music Boosters have held a fundraiser selling the "SIAM Discount Book" in an effort to help cover the costs faced each year by the bands.  The 2013 version of the "SIAM Discount Book", features over 170+ franchises and local businesses, offering repeatable discounts, good for a full year (from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014). 

     This year, students and adult volunteers will be in all the Lincoln-Way High School Communities/neighborhoods selling this year's "SIAM Discount Book" at a cost of $15.00/each on the following dates and hours:
  •   Sunday, Aug. 18th  -  Hours:  Noon to 5 pm
  •   Sunday, Aug. 25th  -  Hours:  Noon to 5 pm
     Info regarding the ability to purchase 2013 "SIAM
Discount Books"
will be left on the doors of those residents not at home during the neighborhood sales.  (Many local LWHS community merchants also offer the book for sale within their establishments.)

     Anyone wishing to purchase a 2013 "SIAM Discount Book" can also call the front offices of any Lincoln-Way Community High School ... or contact this year's Discount Chairman, Tom Delegatto at:  815.207.1347. 
     2013 Music Boosters "SIAM Discount Book" on Sale in Lincoln-Way High School Communities ... Support the great music tradition found in all the Lincoln-Way High School locations.  Get your 2013 "SIAM Discount Book" during the upcoming sale ...

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