How to Avoid Unwelcome Surprises When Buying a Chicago-Area Condominium or Townhome

How to Avoid Unwelcome Surprises When 
Buying a Chicago-Area Condominium or Townhome

     One issue that has cropped up often throughout the time I've been a Mortgage Lender (and continues to do so routinely) surrounds the question ...

     Is the property I'm purchasing really a Condominium ... or is it a Townhome?
     Just last night, the question came up one more time.  My client, who had been told they were purchasing a Townhome, is in fact ... buying a Condominium.     

     The Legal Description of the property proves it is a Condominium.  The tax Permanent Index Number (PIN) shows the property is a Condominium.  (Note:  They signed their Sales Contract before contacting me.)

     As you can guess, my Borrower's not very happy. 

     Calls and emails flew back and forth all night between my Borrower and myself regarding this issue.  Question after question was raised.  

     But no amount of talk, frustration, or wishing things were different changed the fact ... the Borrower has contracted to buy a Condominium ... even if they thought differently.  

     Facts and legal documentation don't lie.  (For additional info, please read my post: How to Determine if You're Viewing a Condominium or a Townhome)

      When the Developer platted the property my clients have contracted for, they legally platted the development as a Condominium Project.  Within a Condominium Project the land is "common land".  The land on which my clients' Condominium is built is NOT OWNED by the individual Condo owner.

     What distinguishes a Condominium from a Townhome is not building design.  

     Let me say that again ...

     What distinguishes a Condominium from a Townhome is NOT the design of the building.  Rather, it is the ownership rights of the land found underneath the building.

     In a true Townhome:  The land underneath the building is separately divided and owned by each individual Townhome Unit owner.  Pretty much the opposite of Condominium ownership.

     I strongly suggest:  Everyone considering the purchase of a Chicago-area Condominium or Townhome should personally take the time to:

  • Obtain and Read the Legal Description of the property they're thinking of buying 
  • Thoroughly investigate the type of ownership that will  be received via the purchase of the property they are considering 
  • Do so PRIOR to signing a Contract
     Why does it matter? 

     Condominium Associations can be, and usually are, more restrictive on rules and regulations as they pertain to use of the property.  Restrictive to the point that a property's marketability and "lendability" can be affected.

     So it's very important that you take the time to perform this research.  Get the facts you need to make an educated and informed choice regarding your property purchase.  

     You don't want unwelcome surprises when you go to finance your Chicago-area purchase ...

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