15 Summer Chicago-Area Home Maintenance Tips

15 Summer Chicago-Area 
Home Maintenance Tips

     Temperatures in the Chicago area are to be in the mid-80's again today.  Warm weather has officially arrived!

     If you're a Chicago-area homeowner like I am, this means you have routine outdoor summer maintenance chores to perform.  Particularly after this year's hard and long winter, there was plenty to be tackled.

     Having a Checklist of items helps me remember what needs to be accomplished around my home and property for the hot summer months ahead.  Below you'll find the handy checklist I use.  Hope it proves useful as you assess and maintenance your home ...

Warm Weather Home 
Maintenance Checklist

    1.  Evaluate and inspect your roof.  Check for missing or loose shingles.  Examine the flashing around the chimney and any skylights.
    2.  Inspect your gutters, downspouts, and exterior drains.  Clean them of any debris.  Make sure gutters and downspouts are securely attached to your home.
    3.  Check your HVAC system.  Have a professional perform a thorough check-up.  An annual check-up should include the changing of any filters and cleaning.
   4.  Repair your driveway and sidewalks.  Freezing cold, salt, and snow can be damaging.  Patch cracks and re-seal, where applicable. 
   5.  Inspect the siding of your home.
   6.  Check and/or replace window and door seals.  Caulk so windows and doors remain airtight and watertight and you keep pests/bugs out.
   7.  Check your window and door locks to make sure they are working properly.
   8.  Check pipes inside and out for leaks caused by winter's freezing.
   9.  Clean and pressure-wash any decks.  Repair any loose handrails, boards.  Re-stain, seal, or paint to protect the wood and improve curb appeal.
 10.  Take a good look at your lawn and landscaping.  Repair, rake, clean, prune, and weed away winter's remains and dead vegetation.
 11.  Trim back tree, bushes, and shrubs.
 12.  Inspect and repair any fencing on your property.
 13.  Open up basement windows and air your basement out.
 14.  Inspect all detectors in your home.  Replace batteries.
 15.   Inspect your attic for leaks or infestation.  

     Note:  I recently found an App that offers seasonal home maintenance tips and suggestions.  It will remind you when to perform valuable routine maintenance around your home.  You can download it to either iPhones or Androids.  

     Click here to get this helpful App:  

     You've now maintenanced, protected, and increased the value of your home.  Relax and enjoy beautiful Chicagoland ... 

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  1. Thanks for posting these home maintenance tips. Time to start doing some work!

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