2 Simple Steps That Will Help You Avoid Problems During the Buying and Financing of Your Home

2 Simple Steps That Will Help You 
Avoid Problems During the 
Buying and Financing of Your Home     

     There's an old saying that I heard frequently while awaiting the birth of my children ...
 "Babies rarely arrive at convenient times, but come in the middle of the night." 

     Now I don't know if statistics back that up or not, but I do know this:  

     With my own two boys arrival, we headed to the hospital in the middle of the night.  

     And ... a strong analogy can be drawn between this saying and the "arrival" of problems within real estate and mortgage transactions.  They too rarely arrive during working hours or at convenient times.

     Currently I'm working with 2 couples that'll attest to that.  Both have seen multiple issues crop-up within their transaction.  As a result, both have needed answers, assurance provided, and action taken during "non-traditional" working hours.  

     In each case, I've become much more than their Mortgage Originator.  I've become their info, resource, and communication center.  Making phone calls, writing emails, speaking with attorneys on their behalf, asking questions, pushing for answers and action ... because they are getting no info or response otherwise.       

     In both transactions, the "process" will likely be blamed for the issues faced.  But the truth is, in both of these transactions, it's NOT the process at fault.  Problems are human caused and human generated.

     Most of the problems that have occurred so far could have been avoided easily. Two simple actions could have prevented them:

  • The Buyers and Sellers could have conducted a more intensive search for experienced, knowledgeable professionals to represent them  (Click on the pic to the right for some great guidance in doing that.  Thank you Bill Gassett, Re/Max Executive Realty, MA)  
  • Better communication practiced

     So how do these transactions tie into the analogy I've made?

     It became obvious early-on in both transactions that multiple professionals representing my clients had little or no experience with real estate transactions and getting a transaction to the Closing table.  

     There were: 

  • Rookies involved 
  • Non-real estate related attorneys 
  • Those working other jobs besides their real estate-related one
  • Those that worked or answered communications only during daytime, week-day hours 
  • Terrible communicators  

     Each of the above has contributed greatly to the issues cropping-up ... and caused delays, extra work, and stress for all involved.  

     Now there's no denying that today's real estate and mortgage process(es) demand far more time and attention to detail than they used to.  But it can be navigated smoothly if qualified, knowledgeable professionals are used.  

     In both cases, we'll Close the transaction successfully.  But ... had the Buyers (and Sellers) taken more time to research the professionals they chose to work with, problems would have been fewer or non-existent.  

     Simply having chosen professionals that were more accessible, more experienced, and better communicators would have reaped far better results and less stressful transactions.  Right now, neither couple is enjoying their experience.  Sad ...

     While it's true the potential for problems always exists within any transaction, the issues don't have to be catastrophic or totally stress you out.  Choosing the right professionals can prevent that.

     So take my advice and conduct the 2 simple steps above.  You'll be very glad you did ...

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