Be Prepared & Safe this Fall and Winter: Perform these Preventative Home Maintenance Measures


Be Prepared & Safe this Fall and Winter:
Perform these Preventative 
Home Maintenance Measures
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     After the long summer of intense heat that we've experienced across much of our country, it's hard to believe that Fall ... cold weather ... is right around the corner.  But it's true.
      It's time to get a few Fall Maintenance chores completed in and outside your house/property (and investment properties too).  Chores that will insure that your home's ready to face the coming harsher, colder weather without suffering breakdowns, damage, or discomfort.
     Below is a Maintenance Checklist of items to maintenance and prepare in and around your home prior to the weather changing.  Be prepared and safe this Fall and Winter: Perform these preventative home maintenance measures.  Print the checklist up!  And then address the items on the list now, and you'll have peace of mind throughout the coming cold winter months.

Gene's FALL Maintenance Checklist
Inside your Home:
  •   Change your summer screens to cold weather storm windows & doors 
  •    Inspect/Repair loose or damaged door and window frames
  •    Install new weather stripping or caulking
  •    Replace your furnace filter
  •    Have a heating check/tune-up performed on your furnace/heating system by a heating professional
  •    Inspect (and clean, if need be) your heating ducts and vents
  •    Have your fireplace cleaned & checked by a licensed chimney sweep
  •    Check/Add fire extinguisher(s) in your home
  •    Check the batteries/connections for your home's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  •    Check your attic insulation.  Add insulation, if needed.  Make sure insulation is NOT covering vents
  •    Check the attic for signs of "critters".  Place screens on attic vents to prevent their entrance
  •    Make sure pipes are insulated, especially those towards outside walls
  •    Clean and vacuum dust from all vents, baseboard heaters, cold-air returns
  •    Drain/Clean your hot water tank
  •    Check for dampness in your basement/basement floor
  •    Clean your kitchen range hood filter
  •    Check your crawlspace for water, mold, "critters", more.
  •    Reverse ceiling fans
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 Outside your Home:
Outside your Home:
 Outside Your Home

  •    Drain/Turn-off water sprinkler systems & outside faucets
  •    Check the condition of your roof
  •    Check the condition/status of your outdoor lights
  •    Clean gutters & downspouts
  •    Check and fix siding panels, seal gaps/cracks in stucco, Dry-vit, brick, stone walls, tuckpointing
  •    Place screens on chimney caps to prevent "critters" from entering your home
  •    Check/Clean your sump pump discharge pipe
  •    Check soffit, fascia, house trim for moisture damage.  Scrape loose paint, caulk, and apply new coat of paint, if needed
  •    Clean your dryer vent and hose, inside and outside
  •    Repair cracked driveways & sidewalks
  •    Divert water from your home.  Add extension hose/pipe from downspouts so water runs at least 3 to 4 feet from foundation
  •   Stock some winter-weather essentials such as salt and ice melt
  •    Put away any summer equipment or lawn care tools
  •    Fertilize your lawn
  •    Trim low-lying tree/bush limbs from around power lines and roof of your home
  •    Store outdoor patio furniture
  •    Maintenance lawn mower/empty gas from tank
  •    If you have a snow blower, maintenance/check-up for coming winter use
     Be Prepared & Safe this Fall and Winter: Perform these Preventative Home Maintenance measures.  Do all of the above, and you will have the warmth, protection, and safety of your home, its occupants, and visitors provided for throughout the coldest winter days ...
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