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Baby Steps ... take those Baby Steps! Just get started ...

Baby Steps ... take those Baby Steps!   
But get started ...

     Remember the movie, "What About Bob" and the scene about baby steps?   I think it's hilarious.  But it also speaks to my present strategy regarding my SEO and Social Media knowledge and efforts ...


     Lately, there's been alot of talk on ActiveRain and other sites about the merits of SEO and Social Media ... in particular the platform of  Google+.

     I'll be the first one to admit it, I'm NOT a techie and I don't understand much of the pros, cons, and wisdom of posting a certain way ... or using hashtags ... or + marks ... and so much more.  I understand just enough to know that I don't know what I need to ... or enough of it.  

     Simply put, my head spins at times and I feel almost panic stricken.  I'm a Mortgage Lender for godsake!  I don't think I'm alone in my feelings or assessment regarding this stuff. 

     But that said, I HAVE learned some strategies and some fairly important and helpful things to do ... BABY STEPS ...  in regards to promoting myself and helping my rankings and SEO.  I referred to some simple tactics in a previous post  on AR. Little did I know how much assistance those cute little buttons really were!  ActiveRain made it so much simpler  for good things to get accomplished when they added those "buttons" for social media across the top of our AR posts.  

     The way I look at it is this:  I don't have to know the whys and details of the machinations of SEO and social media to still benefit myself.  While I'm in the learning process and educating myself further, I CAN do, or take some baby steps, that will help myself ... and others too.  Like "clicking" on those little buttons on the AR posts I like.  Simple enough, right? 

     Same goes on other sites.  Buttons are everywhere!  These are examples of simple steps I can take now to help and benefit myself and others.  I figure hitting those buttons is a little like taking medicine when I'm not feeling well.  I certainly don't understand how and why the darn stuff works. But I'm certainly smart enough enough to know that it does.  So I  do it!  And wah-lah ... good things happen!  Social Media and SEO is much the same.  

     Just call me "Bob" ...

     For those that want to dig a bit deeper, we have some great ActiveRain friends and members that can and will help you.  I can't say enough about these people.  I follow them and learn from them just as much as I possibly can.  I recommend that you follow these people below (and others) too.  They're AR's version of Dr. Marvin:

Carra Riley  -  Cosmic Cowpie  (and I swear an Angel too)
Bill Gassett  -  Agent & SEO/Google+ Guru
Debbie Gartner  The Flooring Girl
Corinne Guest  -  Gifted with Websites!
Melissa Marro  -  A recent Google+ discovery of mine

     And there are so many more!  (Ask Debbie Gartner to share her AR Google + Circle list, if you'd like to jump in!  The more the merrier ... and we all benefit and gain.

    Baby Steps ... take those Baby Steps!  Just get started ...

     *  Hoping to buy a home in Chicagoland?  Now more than ever, it's a learning process.  It takes time.  It takes some effort .. and it's best to be educated.  
     Work with a  Mortgage Lender  that will help you take the baby steps needed to educate yourself and work through a home buying transaction ... right up to a successful mortgage closing.  Contact me  today!  I'll put my 35+ years of mortgage experience and expertise to work on your behalf.     I can be conveniently found at any of the following:
Direct:  815.524-2280
Cell/Text:   708.921.6331
eFax:  815.524-2281    Skype:  630.219.1316
You're invited to find me and Follow Me through
any of the Social Media below.  It will be greatly appreciated:




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