Will County Property Owners! Here's a chance to speak up and voice your opinion!


          Will County Property Owners!   
Here's a chance to speak up 
and voice your opinion!

     As a  Mortgage Lender, I visit local county government websites often ... particularly Treasurer's and Supervisor of Assessment sites.  That was the case again today.

     While visiting the  Will County Treasurer's  page, I ran across what I feel is an amazing opportunity for those owning property within Will County's borders.  Steven Weber, the Treasurer for Will County, is currently offering  Will County  property owners an opportunity to take part in a survey  on the Treasurer's site.

     The results of this survey, will provide the County of Will valuable information and insight regarding the opinions and preferences of Will County property owners ... and just how and in what form they'd prefer to receive future  property tax statements.  

     Illinois has a new law that mandates that Illinois property owners must be given a choice of paper or paperless tax statement/bill delivery.   This means that Illinois property owners can now receive their tax statements via email, rather than through the traditional method of postal mail.  

     The  Will County Treasurer's  survey will judge just how receptive Will County property owners are to the email delivery of tax bills.  It will also provide valuable insight into what delivery system the County would best use to provide this new service.  The survey is short and can be taken quickly.  The survey's in multiple choice format.  There are 10 easy questions to answer. 

    Will County Property Owners!  Here's a chance to speak up and voice your opinion regarding a new service.   Go to:   Will County Treasurer Survey   today.   The opportunity to take the survey ends on November 14th.

     I took the Survey.  If YOU are a  Will County, IL  property owner, I hope you'll go to the Will County Treasurer's site provided above and take the survey too.  

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