Mortgage, Real Estate, and Credit News: Essentials for Spring 2015!

Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender - Essentials for Spring 2015!


     Spring is a great time to take stock.  Whether it's home maintenance needs to be tackled ... spring cleaning ... or financial tasks.
     So my newsletter this week is focusing on Spring "essentials".  All kinds.  Hopefully you discover a handful of ideas to educate and inspire you.

     Should the info found here raise questions regarding your present Mortgage, your finances, the possibility of becoming a "move-up" Buyer, Refinancing, or more ... give me a call.

     We'll investigate the options that exist for you presently, possible improvements for your financial scenario, and discuss the path you hope to take in the future.

     Enjoy the info provided.  Looking forward to talking again soon!  



Spring Home Maintenance:  After The Winter, The Repairs!!

     About the only good thing that can be said about winter is that it’s over. Okay, that’s a little harsh, but as people welcome the sights and sounds of gentler weather ahead, they realize that the Spring is likely to bring with it a daunting list of home repair and maintenance chores.

     Houses can suffer significant damage each year from Mother Nature, and homeowners should expect to invest some time and money to get them back into shape.  (MORE ...)

Why Your Exterior Needs Better Character (And How to Get It!)

     Is your home's exterior looking a little drab? 

     These homes were too, until character-boosting updates completely transformed their dull facades. Take a cue from their makeovers and you too can refresh your exterior. (MORE ...)

Celebrating Mother's Day - May 10th, 2015 - In & Around the Chicago Area ...
     Do you know how or where you're going to celebrate and say thank you to your Mother, Wife, or the other important moms in your life? 

     There's certainly a wide variety of ways to celebrate Mother's Day in the Chicagoland area, no matter what your Mom enjoys, her tastes, personality, and pocketbook.
     Take a peek at the info provided below.  Use it to plan something perfect for the Moms and special ladies in your life.  (MORE ...)

Weed Identification Guide ...

     We've chosen weeds common in gardens, lawns, and landscapes and provided the essential information you need for identifying and managing them. 

     Click on a link or image within the article to view the complete guide. (MORE ...)
5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Credit Report ...

Note:  Whether thinking of buying again or not, this is an important Spring task!

     Removing clutter at home removes obstacles to mental clarity by stopping up those little nagging drains that leak a little bit more of your energy every time you see that pile of papers that need shredding or the boxes of toys your kids no longer use. 

     And the same goes for Spring Cleaning your credit report in advance of kicking off your house hunt. It’s stressful to have little credit report glitches get in your way and hold up the process after you’re already in heated house hunt mode.  (MORE ...)

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