FHA, VA, and Conventional Loans ... The Waiting Periods

FHA, VA, and Conventional Loans ...
The Waiting Periods

     There is a phenomenon at play in the American Home Buying marketplace currently.  Former homeowners that suffered financial catastrophe during the housing crisis (often referred to as "Boomerang Buyers") are asking ... 
     "How long after my Bankruptcy, Short Sale, or Foreclosure must I wait to buy another home?" 

     While it's difficult to summarize ALL scenarios in just one article, the following is a breakdown of the "typical" waiting periods in play following major credit events:


     Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)
     * 4 years after Discharge Date

     Short Sale
     * 4 years after Sale Date/Closing

     * 7 years after Sheriff's Sale Date


     Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)
     * 2 years after Discharge Date
     * 1 year for Chapter 13 

     Short Sale
     * 3 years after Sale Date/Closing

     * 3 years after Sheriff's Sale Date


     * 2 years after Discharge Date
     * 1 year for Chapter 13 

     Short Sale
     *  2 years after Sale Date/Closing

     *  2 years after Sheriff's Sale Date

     The above are the Standard Guidelines issued by the Agencies that most Lenders comply with.  There are exceptions to these waiting periods, but qualifying "extenuating circumstances" must be involved in each of these options.

     Please Note:  If certain financial hardships are found and met, there are cases where these waiting periods can be shortened or moved-up.  

     Since every situation and scenario is unique to the individual, it's best to seek my advice regarding your personal situation.  We'll get the info and answers that address your specific needs. 

     During our conversation, be prepared to provide authorization to:
  • Pull Credit Report(s)
  • Identify the Property Address involved in the previous sale
  • Provide written documentation for events leading to the problems experienced. That documentation can include:
            *  Tax Returns
            *  W-2's
            *  Pay Stubs
            *  Letters of Explanation (LOE)
            *  Job Loss
            *  Medical Reports
            *  Lay-off Notices
            *  And Etc. 

     Given current favorable Interest Rates and the rising rental costs/affordable housing prices still being seen in many housing markets, it's a great time for you to inquire about the options available for purchasing a home.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

     At minimum, we'll gain the FACTS regarding your personal financial scenario, provide you the assistance needed, and get you on the path towards a home purchase in the future ...

     *  Did you suffer a Chicagoland Bankruptcy, Short Sale, or Foreclosure?  Do you hope to buy a home again?  
     Contact Me today to discover what your home buying options are and obtain the assistance you need:

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