What You Might Not Know about Gene Mundt: 10 Things To Fill in the Gaps

What You Might Not Know about Gene Mundt:
10 Things To Fill in the Gaps 

     Crazy isn't it?  All the things that happened in the past ... how they lead you to where you're at today.  How they shape you.  Make you who you are.  

     My wife's always told me I'm a man of vast contrasts.  Very old-fashioned blended with extremely contemporary.  Hopefully the following provides a little insight into her assessment of the man she married:
  1.  I'm a huge music lover.  Drove my Mom, Dad, and brothers crazy with my love of Capt. Beefheart in high school.  I loved (still do) the Talking Heads, Ramones, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Todd Rundgren, Warren Zevon.  Now I'm into Cake, DropKick Murphys, Franz Ferdinand.  But I also vie-off way off in the other direction into country/bluegrass and like the Del McCoury Band, Dwight Yoakum, The Mavericks, Ry Cooder, Patty Loveless, Heather Myles, Marty Brown, and many more.  My collection of music is almost scarey ... 
  2. I won Runner-Up in a "Mr. Legs Contest". 
  3. Was awarded "Best All-round Athlete" my senior year at Lincoln-Way High School in New Lenox, IL
  4. I originally thought I wanted to be a writer
  5. I was an Appraiser (for over 23 years).  Got to USE my writing love there ...
  6. Dressed-up in a short toga for a friend's Halloween party 1 year.  Of course that's the year I win a TV in a drawing at the Mokena VFW.  Great way for the Chamber President to show up, huh?  (Hey!  I looked darn good!)
  7. I've never been interviewed for a job.  Believe it or not, I got recruited out of high school for the opportunity to be educated and learn the mortgage business.  My dream career landed in my lap.
  8. Bought my 1st home when I was 21 yrs. old.  No money down.  Had to subdivide and sell part of the large lot that it sat on in order to finance.  The house was built in 1857 and was all of 660 sq. feet.  It had 1 closet (located on an unheated front porch), a space heater, and no kitchen cabinets.  Think it get financed today??
  9. My 1st date with my wife was at a Chicago Blackhawk's hockey game.  She met my brothers at a Blackhawk's hockey game. We went to a hockey game on our honeymoon in Atlanta.  We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary at the Masters.  For my 40th birthday, she surprised me with a golf trip to Phoenix.  For my 50th birthday, she surprised me with a golf trip to Pinehurst.  Think I married the right woman??
  10. I was so busy with work at times when the kids were growing up, that once I got into the car for our vacation, backed down the driveway, stopped and had to ask "which way do I go?"  I literally had no idea where to head to.  Not proud of this one, but it does bolster the question above about marrying the right woman ...
     Okay, I think I've bored you enough.  For bad or good, the above was some background into my life and "me".  Hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe got a chuckle or two ...

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