Help Me Help You! Avoid Missteps Before and During Your Chicagoland Mortgage Process

     In yesterday's post, I referred to my "beating the drum" loud and often on certain mortgage topics.  Well, today ... I'm beatin'  my drum again.  This time regarding my list of Credit "Do's and Don'ts" for clients while in preparation for and during Mortgage Processing.

     It seems no matter how many times or how many ways this topic is broached (or my drum is beaten) with clients, questions still come up or problems arise.  Some get carried away with enthusiasm regarding their new purchase.  Others forget.  Or any one of a million others things contribute to the problem.  But I don't quit trying to resolve that problem!!

     Below, I've added my list of Credit "Do's and Don'ts" that I provide to all my mortgage clients.  While other more specific things may come up during any individual's transaction, I think it touches upon the issues that clients must be aware of and see arise most often.

     Remember the scene from the movie "Jerry McGuire?" The line, "Help Me, Help You" became famous because of the scene below:
     I can relate.  In essence, this is what I hope my list of Credit "Do's and Don'ts" does for you.  It's helps me .. help you.  My list provides a written reminder you can refer to as you navigate your mortgage process.  My list helps you do the right things that will facilitate your transaction and avoid the pitfalls.                 

     Hopefully my list of Credit "Do's and Don'ts" While in Preparation For and During Mortgage Processing does the same for you ... or your clients: 

     Help Me Help You!  Avoid Missteps Before and During Your Chicagoland Mortgage Process ...   
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