Reasons Why the Act of Communicating is So Very Important to Mortgage Service

     My experiences over the last few months have led me to question ... how is it that most people communicate these days?  The lack of communication and speed of communicating have caused real issues during mortgage processing.

     What resources are potential Mortgage clients utilizing to gather needed mortgage info?  To educate themselves?  To facilitate their buying interests or mortgage needs? How are they asking questions?  How are they responding to the Mortgage Lender that they have asked those questions to?

     As of late ... emails, texts, calls, social media, and snail mail all have proven to be frustrating and somewhat unreliable delivery methods.  Emails are left unopened.  Calls and texts are ignored.  Opportunities to meet are limited.  Forget regular mail.

      There's just a lot of airspace and silence.  And this with those hoping to initiate or facilitate mortgage financing or a real estate transactions ... or those that have already started the Mortgage Process and those looking to Close.  Precious time is being lost.

     Last week I wrote a post, "Help Me Help You!  Avoid Missteps Before and During Your Chicagoland Mortgage Process".  In that post I inserted a clip from the movie "Jerry McGuire".  In that clip you see and hear visible frustration in Tom Cruise's face and voice as he delivers his message to his client.  And then of course, his client laughs at him.  

     His client doesn't see the importance or validity of his message.  He doesn't see that it's timely and requires timely action.  He doesn't see that it demands a rational and respectful response from him.  And it certainly doesn't register that the message matters greatly to Tom Cruise.      

     Lately, I'm feeling Tom's pain.  When those I'm trying to communicate with don't:
  •  Provide me (and them) opportunity to ask questions  
  •  Keep avenues of communication open/flowing
  •  Access helpful info and educational resources provided
  •  Respond to requests
  •  Reply at all or in a timely fashion
  •  Allow for dialogue and exchange of ideas
  •  Allow for receipt/sending of documentation, etc. ... 
      It's very hard to deliver the help or assistance needed to successfully process and Close a loan if these things are ignored or handled slowly.  It certainly doesn't help build a valuable solid relationship.  

     It doesn't convey the message to me, your Mortgage Lender, that the transaction is important to you.  Nor does it increase awareness or allow for any improvement in a current client's financing in the future. 

     Reasons Why the Act of Communicating is So Important to Mortgage Service ... Whether you are a potential future client, current client, or referral partner ... when you keep the lines of communication open and flowing you help me help you much more thoroughly and quickly and keep the frustrations to a minimum.  

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