Common Sense Credit Advice While Buying and Financing a Home

   Common Sense Credit Advice
While Buying and Financing a Home  

     It would seem to be common sense, right?

     If you're in the process of applying for a Mortgage and heading towards your Mortgage Closing ... you shouldn't do anything that would upset the fragile balance of your credit or the Mortgage Approval received from your Mortgage Lender.  

     Yet it happens ...

     I provide the advice above multiple times throughout their mortgage processing to my clients ...  

     Stop!  Think!

  •  Don't buy anything on current credit accounts/cards 
  •  Don't apply for new credit (no matter how tempting or how good a deal it sounds)
  •  Don't move funds or monies from account to account
     In short?  Don't make a move financially unless you talk to me first!  

     What happens if you don't follow this advice?  Be aware that problems can arise.  Problems that can cause delays.  Problems that have been known to derail Mortgage Approvals and Closings.  

     Now I'm certain you've seen or heard this advice before.  Besides being provided in my many posts, this common sense advice is provided frequently in one form or another elsewhere.

     Yet this morning, I learned that one of my clients had not followed my advice and fallen to temptation.  Over the weekend they had applied for a new credit card at a home improvement center.  It's going to cause them a problem.  

     Yep.  Credit Scores can be that fragile.  So can Mortgage Approvals.

     So do yourself a HUGE favor ...  

     If you're presently in the process of applying for a Mortgage  ... 

     Or thinking of applying soon ... 

     Click on, read, and take the advice provided in my "10 Commandments When Applying for Mortgage" seriously.  Follow my advice to a T.  

     You'll avoid problems and extra stress when you do ...  

  *  Hoping to buy or refinance a home in Chicagoland, Illinois, or Wisconsin?  Have concerns regarding your credit history or Credit Report?  

     Contact me today.  I'll put my 37 years of mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.

     I can be easily found at:

Gene Mundt
NMLS #216987  -  IL Lic. #031.0006220  -  WI Licensed
American Portfolio Mortgage Corp.
NMLS #175656

Direct:  815.524.2280
Cell/Text:  708.921.6331
eFax:  1.815.524.2281

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Gene Mundt, Mortgage Originator, a Lender with 37 years of mortgage experience, will offer you exemplary mortgage service and advice when seeking:  Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, and Portfolio Loans in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland region, including:  The Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, (New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Manhattan, Joliet, Shorewood, Crest Hill, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Naperville, etc.), DuPage County, the City of Chicago, Cook County, 
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  1. An excellent resource you have provided to your readers. Thanks for the info, I found your blog very helpful. Here you have posted valuable credit info and I really need it. Although its a common sense, but sometimes we ignore this.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comments and thumbs up, Wayne Holman ... they're very appreciated. Glad you find the post and my blog helpful! Gene


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