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The year is slipping by fast ...

It's hard to believe that it's almost Halloween, but this Friday, the 31st, all sorts of little witches, goblins, and ghosts will be out roaming and haunting your neighborhood! 

Check out my post,"Tips to Help you Celebrate a Safe, Fun-Filled Halloween and Trick-or-Treating" to keep yourself and your loved-ones safe while out
enjoying the holiday fun.

To Help You Stay in the Halloween "Spirit" ...

The Tricks to Getting 10 Times More Referrals From Your Network ...

Whether you’re looking for clients, potential partners or otherwise, referrals are probably the best way to generate leads and meet high-value people. In addition, if you are introduced to someone through a person you trust and respect, their opinion of you will likely be more favorable than if you say met through a cold call, on Twitter or at some random event. Plus, these introductions can open up the floodgates to many more
high-quality leads.

Below are five ways to increase the quantity and quality of referrals you receive from your professional network.   (MORE ...)

11 Amazing Real Estate Facts to Entertain Your Brain ...

Ever wonder why brass doorknobs are so ubiquitous?  And More! 

Click on the pic on the left to read all 11 facts!

Are you Conversant with Millennial Culture?

Numbering 105 million, Millennials are larger than the Baby Boomer generation, and
20 percent bigger than the Gen X population. And Millennials are aging into home buying. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), among buyers under 32 years of age, 79 percent are first-timers.

While all generations use the Internet as the first step in the home-buying process,
younger generations typically purchase through the Internet, making it imperative
that your marketing strategies include the Millennial generation.  (MORE ...)

The Ultimate iPhone Listing Video ...

Sam DeBord explains how he shot a mobile-friendly, professional-looking video of one of his listings in less than an hour ...

You can always hire professionals to do video for high-end homes, but
the new iPhone makes it financially feasible to shoot a great video for
any listing. Let me show you how.

I recently wrote an article for WA REALTOR® Magazine that laid out the steps to create a high-quality real estate video on an iPhone. Now that I have even more experience with the technology, I thought it was time to break down the steps with an example of a video I actually created, with a few more details on how to do it effectively and make the video look professionally shot.   (MORE ...)

Body-Language Tricks to Make Anyone Instantly Like You ...

There's no question that body language is important.  And according to Leil Lowndes
in her book "How To Talk To Anyone," you can capture — and hold — anyone's
attention without saying a word.

We've selected the best body-language techniques from the book and shared them
here ...  (MORE ...)

Fannie Mae Recommends Using a Realtor ...

Do you really need an agent to sell your house in today’s market?

Click HERE to read what Fannie Mae suggests to sellers on the Know Your
Options section of their website ...

The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow
on Social Media - Pinterest!

I'm very proud of being included in this group.  To read the entire
article and find other real estate industry members to engage with
and follow online, please click on the pic to the left.  

Hope you'll find and connect with me on all YOUR Social Media.
I'd consider it an honor and would look forward to sharing your
marketing and business messages ... and growing our successes together!

Should you have questions or clients in need of Mortgage assistance ... please
contact me.  I look forward to assisting them through the Mortgage process. Your
referrals are always greatly appreciated.  

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