Taking the Mystery Out of Credit Scores

Taking the Mystery Out of Credit Scores

     Were you recently denied approval on a loan application?  Do you suffer from lower Credit Scores?  Did you receive an Interest Rate higher than someone else with higher Credit Scores?  

     If so, there's a chance one of the following issues was the reason.  They're some of the most commonly seen issues affecting Credit Scores or preventing loan approvals:

  • Missed Payment(s) on a Mortgage, Installment Loan, or Credit Card(s)
  • Major Events - A Bankruptcy filed in the last 2 years, Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Outstanding Judgments, Tax Liens, or Collections (Not Paid, or Not Satisfied) 
  • Multiple late payments on accounts, multiple number of disputed accounts, multiple number of recently opened accounts, multiple number of accounts with higher balances related to the Credit Limit.
     I'm providing this list to help erase some of the "mystery"surrounding Credit Scores and to illustrate what factors DO impact your Credit Scores.  Resources and info concerning Credit Scoring are readily available for consumers.  Increasing your knowledge will better enable and empower you regarding your finances and Credit.

     To test the extent of your knowledge, take the Credit Score Quiz found at:

     You'll learn commonly-used terminology and discover the key to improving and maintaining your Credit Score.  You'll also educate yourself on the "Do's and Don'ts" of Credit and the realities of Credit Scoring.  
      Other resources that can aid in your Credit education and understanding are:
  • annualcreditreport.com - (Authorized by Federal Law)  This website is a source of FREE Credit Reports.  (Or call: 1-877-322-8228
  • ReasonCode.org - "Reason Codes" are provided within each Credit Report you buy.  Plug-in the code that corresponds with your VantageScore Credit Scores (the Scores utilized by many banks, lenders, and Credit Card companies) to better understand your Credit and Credit habits.
  • Equifax  
  • TransUnion
  • Experian 

     But a very easy-to-remember Credit tip is:  

     The simplest way to quickly improve a Credit Score is to pay down Credit Card balances to an amount 30% or less than the High Credit Limit. 

     Taking the Mystery Out of Credit Scores ... NOW is the perfect time to take the Credit Score Quiz and to get started on polishing, improving, or rebuilding your credit!


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