Was One of Your New Year Resolutions to Get Financially Fit?

Was One of Your New Year Resolutions 
to Get Financially Fit?

      The New Year is typically the time most people pledge to make changes in their life.  They hope to start anew.  implement new habits.  Turn themselves and their lives around.
     Were you someone that made New Year resolutions? 

     Did those resolutions include sticking to a healthier diet, getting fit, quitting smoking, or losing weight?  

     Or did they focus on another type of fitness ... your financial fitness?

     The New Year is the perfect time to address all your fitness concerns.  To get healthy on all fronts.  To pair down, de-clutter, organize, spruce-up Credit, Credit Scores, and finances.  Tax time is just around the corner, so it's also the wise thing to do.  

     When was the last time you ran your Credit Report?  Checked the accuracy of your Credit Report?  Now more than ever, your Credit Scores are important.  They play a huge part in determining the cost of items and services you need on a daily basis.  

     Your Credit Scores can determine what you are charged for:
  • Rent 
  • Auto Insurance
  • Auto Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Cell phone service
  • Interest Rates on Credit Cards 
  • More ... 
     The effect of having poor Credit and Credit Scores can be far reaching.

     Because of this, your New Year Resolutions regarding
"fitness" shouldn't be based on diet and exercise alone.  Your Finances and Credit standing and fitness should be taken into consideration as well.  This is especially true should you be considering the purchase or refinance of a home in the future.

     Do you need help getting started or beginning a financial "fitness" regimen so you can become a homeowner for the first time ... or so you can return to home ownership once again?  Do you need help in polishing your Credit or just a bit of guidance so you're positioned as best as possible financially?  

     Contact me.  Together we'll discover your present financial position and talk about how we can improve it.  And should you be considering a home purchase during the coming year or the near future, we'll determine the best plan of action for you moving forward.

     No matter your financial position or financial needs, it's always wise to take the time to check them on a consistent, timely basis.  Being aware and knowledgeable about your financial fitness and health should be part of your annual fitness resolution too ...


     *  Looking to improve your Credit Scores and financial fitness so you can Buy or Refinance a home in New Lenox, Will County, or elsewhere in Chicagoland?  Contact Me Today!  I'll put my 40+ years of Mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
     I'm easily found at:

Gene Mundt
Mortgage Originator  -  NMLS #216987  -  IL Lic. #031.0006220  -  WI Licensed

American Portfolio Mortgage Corp.

Direct:  815.524.2280
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Gene Mundt, Mortgage Originator, an Originator with 40+ years of mortgage experience, will offer you exemplary mortgage service and advice when seeking:  Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, and Portfolio Loans in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland region, including:  
The Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, (New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Manhattan, Joliet, Shorewood, Crest Hill, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Naperville, etc.), 
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