Education + Preparation = the Confidence a Single Female needs to successfully complete Home Buying transaction.

Education + Preparation = the Confidence 
Single Female Needs to Successfully 
Complete a Home Buying Transaction
     A little while ago, I wrote a post entitled, "Have a Daughter?  Educate her Early about Finance, Credit, and Buying a Home".  

     It's proven to be one of my most popular posts and is typically one that people mention having read.  It obviously speaks on a topic of great interest.
     After being approached once again about this post, I thought I'd revisit it and update the info found there.  

     Research proves that girls, in comparison with their male brothers ... cousins ... friends, approach money management and investing differently.  

     Countless studies point out that they, as women savers and investors, in comparison to men, will:
  • Trade investments less often  
  • Be more risk-averse
  • Keep more of their savings for themselves VS investing
  • "Settle" for more modest returns on investments/annuities/retirement funds     
     And strangely enough, should they remain single instead of marrying, many of the differences between them and their single males counterparts will be even more stark.

     So what does this all mean?  How do these tendencies reveal themselves when females Buy a Home?  And what should parents, guardians, and teachers, (and I'd add Mortgage Originators) do to best assist females to act in their own best interests?

     First, we obviously can't and shouldn't give into old stereotypes.  Women have the capacity to learn and handle their own finances just like men do.  

     We cannot tolerate or assume because a woman makes a different decision than a man, that their capacity to understand finances is somehow diminished or less than a man's.  It's not.

     Secondly, we need to instill a deep confidence in our
females.  The confidence to invest, save, and follow their own instincts.  Instincts formed and honed on the counsel, education, and application of investment and savings gained and practiced throughout their lives.

As a Chicagoland Mortgage Originator, I can relate that I now work with single female Borrowers far more frequently than in the past.   (And I see single females that are buying alone more often than I see single males doing so.)  My own personal findings are backed by statistics and the accounts of many agents I work with.  

     That in turn is backed by the National Association of Realtors profile of home buyers: 
  • Single Female Buyers accounted for nearly twice as large a share as Single Male Buyers for both First-time Buyers (23 and 15 percent) and repeat Buyers (17 and 9 percent)
  • Twenty percent of recent Home Buyers were Single Females, and 10 percent were Single Males 
010: Women-owned households are expected to be 31 million, which makes up more than one-quarter of all home buyers in the U.S. - See more at:
National Association of Realtors® profile of home buyers - See more at:
     Every child, no matter their sex, needs to be thoroughly educated as to credit, financing, debt, savings, investing, and even ... Buying a Home.  The better they grasp each topic, the brighter and less stressful their financial future will be.

     But given the statistics proving that females are marrying later (if at all) ... and outlive men (42% of women 65 years of age and older are widows) ... there is a special importance that must be placed on equipping females to make sound financial decisions.  This protects them definitely, but it also helps them to best benefit from their financial decisions too.

     When buying a home, a Chicagoland Single Female Home Buyer/Borrower can best claim the confidence and empowerment they need for their transaction through education.  A helpful article to get these female Buyers started is provided by entitled, "Tips for Single Female Homebuyers".  Other great info for single female homebuyers is available on that site as well.

     But, I stress the following point:  

     The magnitude of the importance of searching and finding a knowledgeable, experienced Mortgage Originator willing to explain and discuss your financial scenario and all financing options thoroughly simply cannot be overstated.  The same goes for the Agent you choose to work with.

     Education + Preparation = the Confidence a Chicagoland Single Female Home Buyer needs to start and successfully complete their Home Buying transaction.  To get started on your Chicagoland Home Buying & Mortgage Financing process, contact me today ... 

    *  Are you a Single Female hoping to Buy a Home in one of the Lincoln-Way Area communities or elsewhere in Chicagoland, IL or WIContact me.  I'll put my 40+ years of Mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
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