What's YOUR Great American Novel read like? The clues revealed within your Credit Report

What's YOUR Great American Novel read like?  
The clues revealed within your Credit Report

     We've all heard books referred to as a "great American novel ...
     Books often mentioned in that vein are "The Great Gatsby", "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", or "To Kill a Mockingbird" ... each most likely introduced to you in a high school English class.  The authors of these great books offer us riveting stories regarding the mindset and lives of their characters.

     Much like the great novels referenced above, Credit Reports delivers much the same thing.  It reads much like a book ... a book that relates the daily habits of its main character, their actions, their decision-making abilities and philosophies, and the highs and lows of their lives.

     Think about it.  Your life is pretty much revealed on your Credit Report ...  

     When were you born?  Where have you lived?  Are you employed?  Are you a committed money saver or spender?  And much much more ...
      School loans will lead any reader of your Credit Report to assume you pursued higher education.  Did you have times when you were unemployed?  Yep, that information will be there too.
     Have a favorite store?  I see you do!  Your account information is right there to see (with safeguards).  The jewelry company you like, the medical facility you utilize, your cell phone provider, the furniture store you bought that new sofa from ... clues of all that activity and more can be revealed on a Credit Report.

     Your account(s) history, Collections, a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy ... they're revealed as they've happened.  Even Inquiries made into new debt or extension of credit show in a special category.  (Timeframes for reporting new debt to Credit Bureaus can vary from one Creditor to another.)

     Your car ... it couldn't be fixed one more time, could it?  How might I know that?  You went looking for a new car to replace it a month ago.  

     There are inquiries for auto financing that prove that right on your Credit Report.  All the ups and downs, the dramas and joys, how you think, how you live, the minutiae of your life ... clues to it all are left to be discovered on your Credit Report.   

     Does your Credit Report reveal you are in control of your finances?  That your financial philosophy is one based on savings and wise expenditures?  Or does it reveal your spending and debts control you and your life?

     I say the true "great American novel" is being written each and every day.  YOU are the author and have great say as to how the storyline twists, turns and ends ...

      Have you read and discovered in the last year what is being revealed on your Credit Report?  Are you thinking Buying or Refinancing a home soon ... or in the future?  Contact me today!  We'll run your Credit Report, so together we can work towards your successful home purchase or Refinance.
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