"Owlie Skywarn Books" help Chicagoland Children Face Severe Weather Fears

"Owlie Skywarn Books" help Chicagoland
Children Face Severe Weather Fears

     Yesterday, much of Chicagoland once again came under either a Tornado alert of some kind ... or a Severe Thunderstorm alert.  In fact, they predicted that we might experience a derecho.

     It's that time of year in our area where those alerts pop-up often.  Your hear the warning "beep beep beeps" on TV, loud sirens blasting warnings into communities, and even technology sending warnings out.  Both my wife and I receive warnings via our cell phones.

     We're greatful for the warnings.  They serve a real purpose and tell us of impending danger.  We then have time to take precautions and seek shelter.  Proof of that fact was seen in Oklahoma recently, where even very short notice saved lives.  

     I know for a fact personally, that children can exhibit vastly different reactions to hearing these weather warnings.  When a child, one of our sons was totally oblivious and un-alarmed during bad weather.  The other booked for the basement immediately.  Now a father, his child reacts much the same way.  That bothered her grandpa ...

     So when I came upon the info regarding the  National Weather Service's "Owlie Skywarn Books", I knew I had to share them with my grand-daughter to help her address her fears.  

     "Owlie Skywarn Books" help teach children about severe weather and the precautions needed for safety during these situations.  The books, available in pdf format, touch upon the differing types of severe weather experienced in the Midwest:  Tornadoes, Lightning, Flash floods, and winter storms. (Plus others)

     Here are the links:
     Information and print-outs are also available for adults on the National Weather Service website, as well.  Click  HERE for the Chicago/Chicagoland Office link/website for the National Weather Service.
     "Owlie Skywarn Books" help Chicagoland
Children Face Severe Weather Fears.  I hope they prove helpful to you and help to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.  

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