In Mortgage Financing: It's Not Simply about Being Employed

In Mortgage Financing:
It's Not Simply about Being Employed

     I find that a post that recounts real transactions and actions regarding my past clients' experiences seem to resonate best.   Readers can easily put themselves in "someone else's shoes" and learn from these transpired actions and experiences.  

     This is that kind of post.  It concerns employment ..

     During the recent financial downturn, the topic of employment was a huge focus of the media.  Everywhere you turned you saw articles, videos, seminars, newscasts, and statistics addressing the topic, the importance of getting employed, the importance of staying employed.  Employment, or the lack of it, touched upon every facet of life and business (and still does).

     But throughout the time when you're buying a home or refinancing, the issue of employment becomes an even larger and broader issue.  It's no longer about simply having a job or being employed.  

     Confused?  Let me explain ...

     A past client of mine was less than 1 week away from their Closing.  As is typical in current mortgage financing, a new, additional credit and employment check/report was run prior to the Closing taking place.  

     What does this new report reveal?  

     One of my borrowers has changed jobs!  

     Why is this a problem?

     It's not enough to "be employed" when it comes to Mortgage Financing.  As with the Mortgage Application ... consistency and continuity of employment and proof of such remain vitally important up to and through Closing.   
  • How long you've been employed 
  • In what field or position you've been employed during that time 
  • How much you're paid 
  • How long you've been paid that amount 
  • How your paid (regularity, commission, etc.)  
  • Where you've been employed     
     I can't overstate the importance of this matter. Disrupt any of these things and big problems can result. 

     What resulted from my Borrower's change of employment? Underwriting would not hand down
their opinion of my client's employment change.  

     The new job had certainly thrown a wrench into the Mortgage Processing.  As a result, the Closing, originally on track to close on time, was in jeopardy.  

     When this occurs:  At minimum, these issues will cause a whole lot of stress for everyone in the transaction.  

     At worst:  There could be a delay (or worse) in the Mortgage Closing.  And that could have serious ramifications for the success of the transaction.  
     In today's mortgage financing:  It's not simply about being employed ...  

     Learn from my client's mistake.  Talk to me well in advance of beginning your home search or seeking a refinance.  And heed ALL the advice you're provided throughout your entire Mortgage Processing, from beginning to end.

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