The Boston Tragedy and Horror

The Boston Tragedy and Horror

     The events that have taken place in Boston recently are horrific.  It's hard to wrap your mind around it all.  Hard to accept that someone ... or a group of someone's ... thought
that this violence was an answer to any problem

     There's been so much violence lately.  One event following too closely upon another.

     I don't know that words can help anyone trying to cope with this tragedy.  None seem to suffice.  But I offer the clip below with a thought as to trying to help ... help soothe ... help you find peace.

     This clip is provided by the  Virginia Military Institute  Pipe Band.  We had the pleasure of hearing and seeing this band perform many times while our youngest son attended VMI.  I hope the music that they provide works as medicine for you.  It's hauntingly beautiful and healing ...  


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