Tornado Season in Will County - Chicagoland. Sound the Alarm

Tornado Season in Will County - Chicagoland 
Sound the Alarm

As I write this, the temperatures outside are warm .. and it's humid.  Unusual weather to be having in Chicagoland as we head into March ... 

Most years, the odds of tornadoes occurring in Will County, IL ... and the Chicagoland region, are highest during the months of April through June.  Yet, this afternoon's weather forecast predicts severe weather, possibly tornadoes, hail, and high winds for our area.  

This year, (2017) we've already experienced days of spring-like weather during the month of February.  It's been so warm that buds are already sprouting on the willow tree at our Lockport home. reported that during our recent mid-February warm spell, daily record highs were smashed. They also report that over 100 monthly record highs were tied or set.  

Just few days ago, I read predictions stating that our Will County area will most likely not return to frigid winter weather for any extended periods of time ... and March through May, we'll have an increased chance of above-normal temperatures along with an increased chance of above-normal precipitation.  

As today's weather forecast proves, this can mean that severe weather and tornadoes could affect the area earlier than typically normal.  It points out how important it is to respect the power tornadoes hold.  And to be alert and prepared ...

To help us in our preparedness, sirens have been strategically placed all over Will County.  During emergencies, sirens (or other sound devices) sound a loud steady signal for 3 to 5 minutes.  When heard, residents (and visitors) should immediately head indoors to safety.  

During a siren blast, important emergency information is broadcast to area residents on EAS (Emergency Alert System) stations.  Multiple EAS stations serve Will County, including:

  • WCCQ - 98.3 FM
  • WSSR - 96.7 FM
  • WJOL - 1340 AM
  • WRXQ - 100.7 FM
  • WJCH - 91.9 FM
    and television broadcasts can be found on ...
  • Comcast Cable Systems

It's important for you to know and understand what level of alert is being broadcast and how to respond to each. The two (2) types of tornado alerts are:

  • Tornado Watch:  Tornadoes are possible in or near your area. Be alert and prepared to take shelter. 
  • Tornado Warning:  A tornado has been sighted or has been indicated on weather radar.  
But because tornadoes can pop up quickly and unexpectantly, it's best to not rely solely on hearing a local siren.  There are now many emergency tornado warning apps that can be downloaded onto a smartphone ... and serve as your personal alert.  

Here are some of those free or inexpensive apps:

Be aware that most Will County communities and townships test their warning systems/sirens regularly ... most commonly on Tuesday mornings at 10 am.  This test warning siren is run at the "attention" sound level for one (1) minute only and should not be confused with an actual emergency warning.

Enjoy the milder temperatures we're seeing currently in Will County, but remain alert and safe as we head into Spring's more unpredictable weather season ...

*  As a side note:  Ironically, I completed this post yesterday just as sirens sounded their alert for a Tornado Watch in our area.  Their sound punctuated the very real need for caution and alertness ...

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