Put an End to Annoying and Unsolicited Phone Calls, Texts, Marketing, and Email

Put an End to Annoying and Unsolicited
Phone Calls, Texts, Marketing, and Email

No matter how many times we see them, the "Seinfeld Show" episodes continue to make my wife and I laugh.  Sometimes I think the familiarity of them contributes to the enjoyment we receive.  So many good family memories are attached to our watching and sharing the skits.

One such episode includes Jerry encountering a telemarketer's call.  It was a favorite of our youngest son, John ... 

While certain things within this clip are dated (landline phones, fashion, long distance service needs, etc.), the annoyance felt upon receiving marketing calls or communications is not.  

I've found that the number and frequency of these calls and communications have grown, as of late.  For me, they're a true indication of the health of the economy.  And that has a pro and con to it.  

Because of the number of calls I'm presently receiving, I know the economy has gotten better for many individuals and companies alike ... an obvious plus.  But receiving so many marketing calls?  A huge negative.  

Why?  They suck up valuable time and they're just plain annoying. 

But of even greater concern:  Unlike the telemarketing concerns Jerry faced as a consumer when this older sitcom was produced (only annoying), present-day consumers face far more serious issues when they receive calls from unknown numbers.  Scams and security concerns are now genuine and enormous.  

But consider the dilemma faced by those in a business service that relies on receiving calls and messages from new and (as-of-yet) unknown clients' numbers.  Staring at the faces of a ringing cell phone, they're left to wonder, "Marketing call, scam, or viable new client"?  It's kinda like playing Russian Roulette.

The number of calls, texts, emails, etc. I've received has grown so vastly that I decided to see what actions I could take to address the problem. Some articles I found online offered me some suggestions and solid solutions ... and hopefully some relief ... 

One of the articles I found directly addressed unknown numbers - phone calls from specific Area Codes.  The name of the article, "Maybe Don't Answer Calls from These Area Codes If You Don't Want to be Scammed", pretty much sums up the solution offered within the article.  Get to know the Area Codes on their list and avoid answering them and any scams they may contain.

Another way to alleviate the irritating phone calls (and unsolicited mail, email, and offers) is to sign-up on the "Do Not Call Registry".  (You receive a confirmation email soon after doing so.  Heads-up: There's a time limitation associated with the email.  You must "click" on the link provided within 72 hours of receiving it.  Otherwise, your registration won't be completed.)

 National Do Not Call RegistryYou can also call the "Do Not Call Registry" telephone number, 1.888.382.1222 to Register.  Just make sure you call from the phone you wish to register. 

Each method mentioned above is quick and easy to do.  But be aware:  Registering won't eliminate every annoying and problematic communication.  It will reduce the number, however. 

Cell phone apps now exist that can address this problem too.  A "USA Today" article, entitled "Stop unwanted calls and texts from hitting your cell phone" touched upon some of the solutions now being offered via apps.  Just a word of advice concerning these apps, though ... read the fine print to see exactly what they are really blocking prior to downloading.  And if there's a cost to them.

Below are a few of the other solutions I found that might prove helpful in reducing or eliminating unwanted calls, marketing, and communications.  Again, it only takes a minute or two to visit the sites and register, so consider taking these measures.  

Consider registering at:

       To opt out for 5 years:  www.optoutprescreen.com or
       call 1.888.567.8688 (a toll-free #)

       To opt out Permanently:  www.optoutprescreen.com
       Note: You must SIGN and RETURN a Permanent Opt-            Out Election Form after you have initiated the registry              process online    

Businesses, charities, and others you have personally signed up with/provided rights to for emails, calls, marketing, etc., will not be affected by your registering with these services. But those others that continue to contact you after registration, should be reported.

To report and file a complaint regarding continuing unwanted calls and robocalls, go to:

To report and file a complaint regarding other continuing unwanted communications, you can contact:

Just a reminder as to your own online and business email marketing efforts ...

Remember to include an "Unsubscribe" option within your marketing/email for your clients to exercise. It's the right thing to do. And keep the number of marketing "touches" you make reasonable. You don't want to find yourself/your business on any of the "Do Not" registries mentioned above. 

Hope the above proves useful ...

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