Halloween Treats for Your Business - 10/29/2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         October 29, 2015


The winds, rains, and overcast skies we've been experiencing over the last few days set the stage perfectly for this coming weekend's Halloween celebrations.   Spooky things could await ...

But with the information I've included within this week's newsletter, you don't need to fear. Only "Treats" are sent your way.

Please pay special attention to the articles entitled, "NEW Guidelines for Keeping Your Current Home While Buying Another"  and "Educate Yourself About the New Standards Regarding Real Estate Marketing Service Agreements".  

I believe they contain timely info that will prove especially beneficial to you ... and ward off ghostly occurrences.



PS:  Feel free to pass this newsletter and my contact info on to anyone you think would find them of interest and benefit.  

Thank you!

5 Reasons Why Community Pages Are a Must for Real Estate Websites ...

Creating your own local community pages is a great way to differentiate yourself as a real estate agent. While it can take a little work to compile something that is informative and useful, community pages that cover the areas you work in offer a number of advantages. 

When you want to stand out to potential clients, every little bit helps.   (MORE ...)

NEW Guidelines for Keeping Your Current Home While Buying Another ...

In recent weeks, there has been some very good news in home financing for homeowners that choose to retain their primary home (or can't sell because they're underwater) while pursuing the purchase and financing of a new home ...

Underwriting Guidelines that play a predominant role in the financing of these types of purchases have now been relaxed.   

Halloween Drink & Punch Recipes ...

No goblin or ghoul will go thirsty at your Halloween party with these delightful party drinks and punch recipes. Concoct a kid-friendly beverage, or experiment with adults-only cocktail creations.

To get recipes for your party, click on the pic to the right!     ~~~~~~>

Educate Yourself About The New Standards Regarding Real Estate Marketing Service Agreement ...

This morning I received an invitation to a seminar entitled, "RESPA Threat: The CFPB Challenges MSAs and More." If you are a professional in any part of the real estate industry, you've probably received something similar as well.   (MORE ...)

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