Prepare Your Credit & Finances for the Upcoming Holidays Now!

Prepare Your Credit & Finances 
for the Upcoming Holidays Now!     I know.  I know ...  

    The Holidays are still a couple of months away.  And I've touched upon this topic before ... 

     But increasingly, people are planning for the Holidays and beginning to shop for the Holidays earlier and earlier in the year.  There's Christmas in July specials, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, and many more. 

     So I'm thinking NOW ... is the perfect time to make plans regarding your budget, credit/credit cards, and finances for this year's Holiday celebrations and expenditures.

     Anticipating and planning for this year's Holiday activities and gift-giving demands is a great place to start.  Start by compiling a list that includes:
  • A Budget:  What is the total dollar figure you have to work with?
  • Names:  Who will you want/need to buy gifts for?
  • A Breakdown:  How much of that allotted budget will you spend on each individual gift recipient?
  • Gift Ideas:  What ideas fit the planned expenditure for each gift recipient?     
     Then plan how and where you can shop wisely and stick to your Holiday Budget ...  

     One deadly pitfall to any Holiday Budget, Credit, and  Credit Scores is the "Holiday Credit Card Promo".  We've all heard them pitched at the store register, right?  They can sink your budget and Credit Scores in no time.

     0% Interest Rates!  No Credit Report run!  Big Rewards ... Big $$$'s off your purchase ... 

     Enticements are everywhere.  Each offer, trying to lure you into spending more, forgetting your budget, and developing amnesia about your Credit limits. Each aimed at breaking your holiday resolve. 

     Just think though:  A bonus of planning in advance for your Holiday gift-giving and finances is that you have time to strengthen your resolve.  You can practice saying, "NO!" to all these upcoming enticing Holiday offers.     I'm not kidding!  For many, this simple act ... saying "NO!" ... is actually very hard. 

     So if that describes you?  Go ahead.  Get in front of your mirror!  

     Sharpen your resolve.  Practice saying the word, "NO!"  Practice, practice, practice!  After the Holidays are over, you'll be very glad you did.  

     I'll add:  If you're hoping to buy a home now, soon, or in the future, you'll be doubly glad that you found your voice and strengthened that "NO!" muscle of yours during the Holidays.  

     Your overall budget will be intact and your Credit Report and Scores will reflect that fact.  Plus, you won't have damaged monies and you'll still have savings set-aside for your downpayment.

     Feel like you need a little extra info or some assistance in establishing your budget?  Or maybe "tidying-up" your Credit Report prior to buying a home?  (A credit and budget "Trainer" so to speak.

     If in the Chicagoland/IL area, contact me.  Together we'll optimize your home buying options and get you on the path to a successful home purchase.  

     Don't delay when planning ahead.  For the upcoming Holidays ... or preparing to become a homeowner ...
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